The Home Depot Sucks


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1) treat thier own employees like sh_t 3 % / 1933
2) Home Depot will not hire enough people per store to help the customers. 3 % / 1825
3) They treat their employees with great disrespect! 2 % / 1575
4) home depot mistreats employees understaffs makes low level employees work any hours they [HD] want like 6am - 3pm today then 3pm - 11pm then 5am - 2pm on a whim the store is only closed 2 days a year thanxgiving & x-mas on top of that the rumor is they're asking for volunteers for those 2 next year thats how they got rid of easter it's no longer volunteer corporate decisions and mandates are not followed I know this for a fact the problems in your local H.D. are often due to local mgmt. who act like that store is their own little kingdom so don't always blame the employees you would not beleive the things they have to put up with 2 % / 1402
5) HD is very poorly managed. They call you into work an hour early because of no coverage and then cut your time if you've got 15 min OT. Never mind you gone out of your way to help a customer when you are supposed to be off at 5 pm and then the next day told to cut your time so you don't have OT. I'ts only good if it benefits HD. 2 % / 1347
6) The store managers dont want to come to talk to customers when they have a problem 2 % / 1220
7) there are never enough cashiers, especially on the week-ends. the managers are never available to answer any complains or questions 2 % / 1174
8) I worked for Home Depot for 6+ years - the worst time of my life! They claimed they care & have family values - WRONG! They worked you to the bone - never a thank you. And no employee discount?! WTF! 2 % / 1170
9) It's all about the bottom line! Not Service! 2 % / 1127
10) Inexperienced salespeople 2 % / 1098
11) Bob Nardelli is a greedy man that doesnt care of the employees 1 % / 988
12) Managers make smartass remarks that make u want to choke them or swing a 4x4 at their head 1 % / 978
13) invested 8 years of my life as a home despot employee. learned the talk. walked the walk. was proud of the knowledge i learned about my product. after 8 years they decided i made too much money and railroaded me out to hire someone who knows nothing. THAT'S WHY YOU GET BAD CUSTOMER SERVICE! 1 % / 953
14) HD never has hours for employees but they always find time for staff and store meetings. They don't cut hours until saturday and sunday the busiest time of the week. They have already cut most of us back to 36 hours. That's 8 hours a paycheck,ouch. Time for another JOB.. 1 % / 937
15) Treat their own people like crap...therefore customers are treated like crap. (Garbage in.....Garbage out). 1 % / 915
16) Home Depot finds reasons to fire you. If you dont kiss your boss's ass he/she will fire you. You have to be their slave to survive. 1 % / 834
17) Looks like its time to vote in the union, because everyone is getting screwed on OT. 1 % / 830
18) I was a former Home Depot employee and I just left that dump of a store more than a month ago because they treat you like shit, the management sucks because they are unorganized, and yes, they don't hire enough employees. Also, they always cut my hours there for no reason at all. That place sucks ass and I hope they end up filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy!!!! 1 % / 778
19) I have been a home despot ass. for 9 months and the staffing levels are 1 per department at any one time. this helps boost the managements profit sharing and screws everyone else. corporate policy and the store manager can do nothing about this. 1 % / 773
20) Salespeople run when they see you coming 1 % / 724
21) The problem at HD is a HR problem. They are not hiring people that know about their product and not enough staff to cover the sales floor. 1 % / 714
22) Home Depot puts mom-'n'-pop stores out of business 1 % / 695
23) I am a Home Depot employee and all the manger cares about is how to get customers to open Home Depot credit cards and as soon as the customer open it and use it they don't give a fuck about him anymore. 1 % / 692
24) Corporate doesn't want to hear about your problems. I know, I've mailed probably 30+ comment cards with my name, address phone number asking them to contact me. I've also mailed letters to the store manager, and e-mails. Never once have I received a respo 1 % / 683
25) I fell bad for anyone who works at home depot. You can be the hardest worker and get the same raise as the wothless lazy people that work there. whats the point of working hard what for 2 1/2% raise . 1 % / 650
26) Long checkout lines 1 % / 633
27) You get home and find out that the box was re-sealed at Home Depot and missing some critical part. 1 % / 614
28) Home Depot views charity as free advertising. 1 % / 608
29) the home depot management have there own pete "click" and if you are an associate who does not agree with there gossip and bending the standard operational proceedure to benefit the click your job would be seriously put on the line. associates continually lose there jobs and life styles because of the unqualifyed management hired that allow there over inflated egos to prey on the hard worker. if you don't "kiss alot of ass at the home depot you will be prompty dismissed! 1 % / 597
30) Bob Nardeli Is a complete idiot-Where do they find clowns like this to run fortune 500 companies??? Mark Baker should be the CEO 1 % / 572
31) Worked for them 5 years. They walk on their workers. Care only about their bottom line.Understaff departments. Replace their long trem employees with cheep labor. Bob is a failed GE greedy CEO. GFYS! 1 % / 551
32) the employees act the way they do because customer's come in and expect us to do everything including wiping their ass. just remember nothing is perfect..not even your life 1 % / 550
33) Other stupid fucking customers 1 % / 546
34) No or wrong prices on shelf 1 % / 545
35) Out of stock on the most basic stuff 1/2" EMT conduit!!!?? 1 % / 531
36) Stupid self checkout lanes suck 1 % / 531
37) All of Home Depot's crap is made in China. Everything is outsourced. 1 % / 530
38) Store managers who were parking lot attendants the week before. 1 % / 527
39) I worked at HD for 2 1/2 years and found all managers are crap and don`t give a damn about staff or customers. 1 % / 518
40) "At-home installations". Yeah, like I'm gonna let one of those bozos within 20 feet of my house. 1 % / 514
41) Aisles are trashed with boxes and displays making it virtually impossible to get a cart through 1 % / 514
42) Home Depot--way too many Chiefs and not enough Indians. I am tired of working my ass off, while stupid people walk around all day. Template Staffing sucks thats why no one is ever there. 1 % / 502
43) Throw out more stuff then they sell! They like to fill the landfill with crap from China! 1 % / 487
44) Aisles closed all the time for forklift activity. Sometimes 2-3 aisles in a row. 1 % / 479
45) Home depot needs to start treating their associates fairly and consistantly or they will go down to nardelli hope you read this 1 % / 455
46) The problem is Bob Nardelli ..Everything that is cut is for HIS bottom line..c'mon the Associate of the Month used to be $100 now it's $75..that's just plain greed..and the solution is simple..add more associates and you get the sales but instead they say sales = hours well w/out the people you don't get the sales..8 years down the tubes it seems like. 1 % / 449
47) Management is scandelis and they try to hook up with female cashier's employee's 1 % / 442
48) The Home Depot doesn't pay enough for experienced people to want to work there. That is why the employees don't know about the products. If you need expert help try the yellow pages. 1 % / 441
49) "You can get fired, for no reason, we can help!" signed a former HD Manager PS HOME DEPOT SUCKS! 1 % / 438
50) we don't know when the manager will be in the store... you can keep calling back though... 1 % / 426
51) Return line snakes out the front door. 1 % / 420
52) Inventory trashed in wrong boxes, wrong prices, etc 1 % / 412
53) They screw over the vendor companies that have got them to where they are today 1 % / 409
54) workers don't know anytrhing about the products they're selling 1 % / 390
55) Items that are locked up meaning you have to spend 15 minutes finding someone that has the key to get to them. 1 % / 387
56) Customers think every employee should know everything there is to know about every product. If I knew all that I would own my own store. 1 % / 378
57) I was a former Home Depot employee and I just left that dump of a store more than a month ago because they treat you like shit, the management sucks because they are unorganized, and yes, they don't hire enough employees. Also, they always cut my hours there for no reason at all. That place sucks ass and I hope they end up filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy!!!! 1 % / 367
58) They treat their employes like slaves you bastards if you had balls you would face your employees 1 on 1 and not worm behind a group of kiss ass managers you pricks are good for nothing worm shit 1 % / 351
59) Employees pretend to understand what you're asking, and give you wrong advice.<1% / 342
60) Home Depot fired all of their vendors in 2003,that's why the stores look like garbage and the employees don't have any knowledge of the products that they are selling. Bob Nardelli is the greediest bastard alive, and the shareholders and customers continue to feed him!!<1% / 335
61) You work to the bone and give all you got for nothing, but the kiss-assers get it all<1% / 332
62) You can get fired for no reason and they make up stuff about why you get fired. If you are a long time employee and make good money, they will find an excuse to fire you and hire 2 employees for 1 <1% / 331
63) Carts are almost impossible to find. Except 1/4 mile away in the parking lot.<1% / 327
64) they advertise items that they don't have<1% / 316
65) HD is only looking after itself; they don't care about the employee. You have no job protection and no reward for doing a great job if you're lower level. <1% / 314
66) HD saw record sales in 2005, but decided to eliminate the holiday "bonus" of a $20 gift card for each employee. And instead gave them 20% off coupons. USE YOUR COUPON AT LOWES. Bob should be asamed <1% / 309
67) store managers managing "UP" instead of taking care of customers. $3 Million in shrink in the Watchung NJ store, and the manager had me (p/time employee) race down the aisle picking up stray packages of nuts and bolts and toss them into a bucket to throw down the dumpster before his boss showed up for a visit! <1% / 298
68) All Home Depot people take classes on being worthless, most of them do not know anything about the product and then they ask someone else that doesnt know anything either. Two stupids dont make a smart!! <1% / 295
69) Bob Nerdeli or something like that. HD CEO<1% / 294
70) Customers are stupid...they ask stupid questions so its only fair that they get stupid answers.<1% / 293
71) home depot sucks!!!!!!!!<1% / 293
72) bad pay, managment and hours.<1% / 291
74) Take away the merit badge ...just another way to downsize us hard workers. Take away all incentives to work harder no one will want to.$ makes the world go round $ buys things $ pays bills, get the .<1% / 286
75) Nasty checkout people.<1% / 281
76) Dangerous associates driving machinery in the stores<1% / 280
77) After working for 6+ years with "achiever" reviews all I'm worth is $00.25 raise, reduced benefits: tuition went75% coverage to 50%, no badges, and now no x-mas party, stock purchase plan sucks etc!<1% / 275
78) I am a Home Depot employee. I am not here for the customers to abuse me, or treat me like shit. If you want decent service be a decent human being. Do not abuse me because you're a bitter bastard.<1% / 272
79) Whale shit is the lowest thing on Earth. Look under it, and you'll find Blob Nardelli!<1% / 267
80) To all you disgruntled employees, you all were probably losers who wanted a paycheck for doing absolutely nothing so you deserved what you got! To all those former customers who don't shop there anymore, YOU are the problem, be nicer and show more respect for the human race and stop thinking you are the #1 priority when you shop there and you won't have a problem! stop coming in with an attitude like you are better than everone who works there and maybe you'll get the help you need! Hey tools, do you know all the Lowes employees are former Home Depot employee's who were fired for stealing,or harassment,or physical abuse of another employee and customer? So the next time you shop at Lowe's remember they only hire felons, that's criminal's to the under educated. <1% / 262
81) Stores are lacking in skills and have not an iota of interest in helping its employees to succeed in their jobs, they care only in meeting their quota.<1% / 253
82) Out of Stock and Corporate doesn't Care, but Lowe's ain't much better either, they are all the same, Kiss the Customer's ass and kick their employees ass, and The problems are the same as Depot's the only thing different is the Colors<1% / 252
83) Home Depot wasstarted by good people with good intentions. These men have helped countless families. They have grown older and are no loger running the company. Now it is Big Business, like most others, making money for there stockholders. But like them or not, they still help alot of people. I'm glad there are places like this website for you all to vent your hatred, but I think you should just go shop somewhere else and move on with life. It's amazingly short, trust me, I'm very old, and it went by too quick. I wouldn't suggest wasting too much time being bitter or angry.<1% / 247
84) the overall home depot is not a bad place , its the fuking management that couldnt manage there way out of a paper bag! if they hired some managers with experience of retail business, it would make the job 100% easier , but having morons as store managers, not knowing whats going on , on the sales floor and thinking little pep ralleys are going to solve all, but dosent solve anything...BOTTOM FUKING LINE, HIRE MORE KNOWELEGABLE PEOPLE, SCREEN THE MANAGEMENT BEFORE YOU PUT KEYS IN THERE HANDS , AND REWORK THIS SO CALLED INFOCUS TEAM SAFETY CRAP THAT DOSENT WORK FOR CRAP!! <1% / 243
85) Home Depot expects your life to revolve around their work. They call themselves "Employer of Choice" well once you work there you unbderstand that the Home Depot is the "Employer to Leave Immediately"<1% / 241
86) Anybody else have management playing with inventory numbers to get their bonuses?<1% / 239
87) I'm currently a HD employee. I would like to stay with the company but the company doesn't seem to care much for it's employees. The employee morale at my store is BAD. <1% / 236
88) Full timers are scheduled 40 hours for the full week including the weekend. Management makes them work 10 hours during the week and cuts their scheduled hours on the weekend. Problem is they don't get O.T. after 8 hours and not enough coverage on Saturday & Sunday. I heard that there is a potential class action suit against H.D. in the state of Michigan and the state government is definitely looking at this one. Heard that one store in Detroit Michigan closed its doors due to high theft from both customers and employes and poor salesmanship.<1% / 234
89) this is the last draw, the penny pinchers in atlanta took away the $25 gift card that they give out every year for christmas, so this year at the homw depot you get nothing!!!! bob nardelli and the rest of his crue can go fuck themselves, bastards!<1% / 226
90) Management people who think they know anything treat lower associates like lowlifes... which most are because of that hell hole.<1% / 216
91) Here is a new idea, stop shopping there! Tell everyone you know and maybe HD will go away.<1% / 214
92) I am working in a HD warehouse and I am fed up with it. No rewards for good work. When you ask a question...no answer. Favoritism practiced by management. 5 times denied a shift change. <1% / 214
93) Receipt lists items in some weird Home Depoean language. I have a receipt in front of me... swear on my mother's grave where the description says "M". What is an M? I have no idea, but they ran $24.99. Those are some expensive m's!<1% / 212
94) No one is running the place. Just a bunch of people showing up to work for their welfare checks.<1% / 210
95) The managers at home depot are the worst!!! They treat their associates with no respect OR appreciation. Must be their Management Brainwashing Classes. <1% / 208
96) I worked at a Home Depot in Nebraska for it is by far the worse job I ever had. Not enough employees, lame raises and worthless management. Everyone should stop shopping there to get rid of THD.<1% / 206
97) department heads keep there heads up there ass for the warmth<1% / 203
98) I have been with Hd for over 6 yrs have been in 4 differnt stores and the complaints are all the same. cust and assoc need to bitch to nardelli he is destroying a great company.<1% / 195
99) Number 1 reason HD sucks: the CUSTOMERS <1% / 193
100) Rent-a-cops checking your receipt when you leave. I HATE that!<1% / 193
101) Flimsy bags.<1% / 192
102) Home Depot customers can be rude, impatient, and extremely condesending. They seem to think they can abuse store employees. <1% / 192
103) Two stores in Canada that were trying to go union closed rather than have a union represent their employees. This way they can continue to underpay, overwork and treat their people like trash. Home Creepo is the worst place I've ever worked...upper management cares only about their own asses and the "numbers" and Bob Nardelli has to be the greediest man alive. Why would one person need so much money all to himself? There's no place in heaven for people like him.<1% / 191
104) I am a cashier, at home depot, and they do treat cashiers like shit.Home depot fucken suckz.managers are all fucken dumb.People they grab right out of high school with no fucken knowledge..FUCK HD!<1% / 186
105) They've got to stop putting the damaged/incomplete merchandise back on the shelf. When someone returns an item that is broken or incomplete the store should mark it down and put in a special discounted section. I estimate that for every 3 trips I go to HD I have to make 1 return trip due to something being incomplete or broken. You'd think they'd get tired of paying 3-4 people 8 hours a day (and this is not enough) just to check returned items back in. You really have to wonder what management is thinking. I've got many more gripes about HD but I don't have time to list them right now because I have to go return a $60 paint sprayer that had already been opened, used, returned, taped shut and then put back on the shelf for me to purchase. Real nice. Home Depot your fired! I'm gonna give Lowes a shot and see what the return rate is there. <1% / 184
106) Kitchen design and installation services are a complete joke.<1% / 180
107) Parking lot littered with potholes/garbage<1% / 177
108) Rude comments by Home Depot employees<1% / 175
109) They drug test job applicants... maybe that's the problem.<1% / 173
110) Human Resourses suck. No backbone to support management<1% / 170
111) I hate customers that come in 5 minutes before closing and stay an hour, I WILL KILL THEM!!!<1% / 170
112) They take people out of your store to make a new store ten minutes down the road and leave your store understaffed making everything chaotic leaving the rest of us to work the shifts nobody wants<1% / 165
113) Bozo Bob in St. Cloud, what an idiot. Didn't know hardware before, still doesn't. Wouldn't know a 2x4 if it was sticking out his a__<1% / 164
114) Morons who come into the "do it yourself" and want thier hand held walking through every aisle of the store and can't become instantly brain dead when they enter.<1% / 162
115) Home Depot is the worst job I ever had. They don't care about their employees or their customers. Thay have taken away ALL of the decent incentives and I do not regre leaving that crap hole behind!<1% / 161
116) The fact that Atlanta controls the ordering process way to much, making it nearly impossible to keep the shelves stocked<1% / 161
117) How come the employees at the administration offices get paid to take off all the traditional holidays, while the store emplyees who bust ass to pay their salaries only get two paid holidays?<1% / 152
118) There is no benefit to working at HD. No employee discount, no holidays off, they even cut college reimbersement. They wonder why we have no customer service. Bankrupcy here they come<1% / 152
119) The Home Depot employees would rather help the hot chick then the old lady carrying the steel door.<1% / 151
120) Thanks Bob,for running a great company into the ground.Not only do the assoc. think this,csr's do too.Make sure you get that extra buck for the shareholders.Worklife balance?Not if youre a manager.<1% / 149
121) The number 1 reason Home Depot now struggles with great service is the number of associates on the floor. Payroll is the #1 controllabe expense. Often there is no where else to go.<1% / 149
122) I worked for Home Depot for 10 yrs. I started when it was a good co. to work for. After Nardelli took over it went downhill. They took all empl. monetary awards away.Bottom line is for Nardelli only. <1% / 147
123) As a fomer employee, the company sucks, They ask you to work hours with out your apon,train the new employees but when it comes to making you a depatrment head they pass you up for there suck ass budy<1% / 142
124) My wife worked for home dump she almost had five years in then she got pushed into leaving seems they dont like to give out there bonuses and third week of vaca how cheep is that???????????????? <1% / 142
125) the new labor system has cut the hours of each store up to 2000 man hours. if you thought that home depot was under staffed now you were wrong. the corporate pollicy is horific. with the new labor system there will be only one person in a department at a time.<1% / 139
126) Complaints about installation falls on deaf ears all the way up the ladder to good ole Bob. What the hell does he do anyway?<1% / 134
127) Items sold are not the same quality that you can buy in an independant hardware store, but carry the same stock number.<1% / 134
128) To the nucklehead who thinks Home Depot rocks, the only rocks are in your head! signed a former HD manager<1% / 132
129) I'm currently a HD employee. I would like to stay with the company but the company doesn't seem to care much for it's employees. The employee morale at my store is BAD. <1% / 130
130) As an ex of HD I can say the only good thing about it is Tony Stewary Nardelli should have his head pulled out of his ass and then be shot for ruining what used to be a good company sorry Bernie Arthu<1% / 128
131) Most things are overpriced! <1% / 128
132) the contractors that homedepot handles are the bottom feeders(the lowest bidding contractor or the handyman). On the other hand , homedepot tries to sell itself as being a legit warehouse/supply house while selling second rate uncommercial products. The staff consist of low payed unknowledgable sales associates who do not belong selling expensive projects to paying customers. Who in their right mind would have "at home services" or the specialty departs do an install/build for them? no homeowner that i know ...and thats a fact. They also have this new credit card/esp program going on. who needs to be harrassed about this stuff when you are trying to buy a roll of tape? the company from the top to the bottom is a huge ugly catch 22, plain and simple. One example is the staffing/poor customer service issues as of late. Homedepot has a new system in place called a pay band(a ranking of wages based on position..not experience) so what that means is that guy in elctrical who is there every morning to meet you(a familiar face for renta contractors) is making a grand total of 9 dollars an hour, 4 years ago that guy would have been replaced w/a retired electrician w/a wealth of knowledge who was payed for his skill in that trade. That is why the customer service is down. you get what you pay for and lowes is the same way....any big box retail company is the same as a matter of fact, retail is about money. if you want excellent customer service and good products then you go to a wholesale company (lumber yard/plumbing supply/electrical supply/landscape supply/kitchen and bath supply.............they all equal good. stop being dumb and use your brain s people <1% / 127
133) Dishonest sales associates promise 2 weeks time frame for delivery and installation and you pay up front for product and installation and 6 weeks later still no delivery.<1% / 125
134) Orange makes people angry >.< <1% / 125
135) The HD management would rather see you die, then return from a "short term disability".(That was work related!)<1% / 124
137) As a HD employee I see both sides.As a person I see my side.Snapped at daily by lazy "do-it-yourselfers" who are sent by their lazy golfing husbands to have anyone else lift 5# into cart then car.<1% / 122
138) Go to lowes the grass is greener.<1% / 122
139) Home Depot is SO understaffed, they trick you by saying "you don't want to be a lot-bitch then learn everything you can" when you do, they figure you can run the whole damn thing by yourself.<1% / 122
140) i work night shift @ the home depot and it's SHIT they(managers/HR's) dont care about the health of there employes I dont sleep proper or eat so Im constantly sick.Ive asked for daysandhavebeen denied<1% / 121
141) Home Depot is the reason everyone goes to Lowes for their everyday needs. Improvment. J_L<1% / 119
142) They are in bed with President Bush. While our brave soldiers fight for our great country in Iraq, Home Depot is making millions with no-bid contracts to the government. Home Depot is making billions on the blood of our soldiers<1% / 118
143) I have worked at home depot for 2 years now and its a shitty company to work for. They cut your hours like you would not believe, the stores are understaffed and as far as safety they dont care. <1% / 118
144) I would Like to congrat Scotts and John Deere for Telling THD to Kiss Off and that they're not paying them to carry their product as for Dewalt,Ryobi,and other Big Companies you're just like your product.<1% / 118
145) THD only hires personality types that can be pushed around,manipulated,brain washed. Intelligence is not a prerequsite. willingness to work hard for low pay is a must.<1% / 118
146) I think Nardelli should be removed as CEO,he is ruining this co.They make us work for bonuses,we are busting our ass to do so,yet he gets a $5MIL bonus for fucking up our company. ONLY IN AMERICA!!!!<1% / 114
147) if you arent smart enough to use self check-out..then don't.you just look like an ass when your screaming at the poor girl helping 3 other idiots that are pissed because they r dum 2!!!!<1% / 114
148) "Lets put plywood, concrete blocks, pvc pipe, paint, ovens, carpets & almost half the store outside so everyone can steal shit!"<1% / 113
150) Federal laws are broken on a daily basis and part time means 39 hours a week in my case... 20 hour shifts... and being fired for reporting a customer who tried to run me over in the parking lot...<1% / 112
151) Home Depot sucks in a lot of ways, but it also seems to make a lot of money somehow. Our managers are evil, most of the poor area managers, like floor, plumbing, etc, get overworked until they quit, and we are even more understaffed. It's sad, but it pays some of my bills. <1% / 112
152) The ONLY solution to employee abuse is to make Home Depot a union shop. Oh yeah, only a complete management swapout will fix their corporate problems.<1% / 112
153) They only hire employees who have been fired from other stores. Thus they end up witht the dumbest (and the ugliest) skags around. <1% / 112
154) You go to Hell Depot and handpick an order for five hours, pay for it and ask them to hold it until the next day and they reshelve it and cant pull the order for you again after two trips to the store and then the GM yells at you.<1% / 112
155) customers are rude smell bad are stupid have no eyes to see shit that is right in front of them no teeth to talk no brain to understand.always want the best shit but never want to pay full price.cheap<1% / 110
156) I have been working at the Home Depot for over 12 years and mostrly everything I have read concerning the employees complaints are very true also some of the customer complaints. Fire Nardelli.<1% / 108
157) If you hate THD so much then just stop fucking going! Don't bitch about it! If you hate working here then fucking quit and go work somewhere else. <1% / 108
158) Whiney stupid customers, asshole managers, not knowing your schedule more than 2 weeks in advance, not having a regular schedule, having worthless insurance that does not pay a competent dentist outside the PPO, opening a 6 AM, closing at 12 AM, having a data base that was built in the 80s and has not improved, not having proper staffing, not educating or having proper warnings on pesticides and herbicides, low pay, lack of responsibility for hazmat, having hazards left and right for employees and visitors<1% / 108
159) Home Depot is a great company to work for..I get AWESOME benefits and we bonus twice a year. I love it. HD is investing $49mil to associates providing great customer service. Great incentive!Go Orange<1% / 106
160) Stupid people. Customers think they are everything and then they get helped by associates who think they are everything. Stop expecting too much and learn to not be freaking retarded. Think for once!<1% / 106
161) Home Depot Just got rid of their best salepeople Namely the Vendors. Vendors must Pay a % to a service company that really doesn't care about there product or they will get product pulled<1% / 104
162) The people smell<1% / 104
163) They treat dh's like crap. they constantly dump on them, never say thank you. They treat the employees like garbage. The stores are outdated. They should staff the stores and upper management should do their jobs instead of playing favorites and letting the dh handle all of the problems.<1% / 99
165) Customers think that the cashiers know where everything is in the store and then throw a hissy when something rings up as the wrong price. We're all just low-paid people trying to live. Stop yelling.<1% / 97
166) Home Depot is a boys club. Chauvinism is at its highest point in the stores. Males often do less work, get higher pay and are more likely to get promoted, while females have to work three times as hard just to even get any kind of recognition. <1% / 97
167) As a general contractor or handyman, why on earth would you patronize a place that is competing against you by contracting out roofs, water heaters, tiling etc. The sign of a true sap! <1% / 95
168) Store #2776. When you have to help a 25 year old guy when he is with 3 friends and watch you load 3 bricks and 2 10lbs bags. Then they sit there and laugh at you while you can't do anything about it.<1% / 95
169) customers are $%&kin stupid and dont know how to do anything and then blame associates for their lack of skills <1% / 94
170) Do you all still have your hype meetings in the morning? It may not help while your working there, but the laughter about it will give you a great jump start in your next job...much success!!<1% / 92
171) Instead of getting merit badges for doing good work. Which they used to hand out like candy. You could easily make an extra 100 a month you now get a nice shiny pin. Thanks Bob you greedy little troll<1% / 92
172) Poor me, I'm a customer at Home Depot that wants someone to take me by the hand and lead me to the product even though it is right IN FRONT OF MY EYES!!!. WAKE the FU#K UP!!! <1% / 92
173) store managers managing "UP" instead of taking care of customers. $3 Million in shrink in the Watchung NJ store, and the manager had me (p/time employee) race down the aisle picking up stray packages of nuts and bolts and toss them into a bucket to throw down the dumpster before his boss showed up for a visit!<1% / 91
174) The Home Depot refuses to exchange a gift card for a credit card purchase. How's that for treating the customer right? They are really stupid!!!!<1% / 91
175) Employeee of the month, inside of 8 months yielded a reward of 100 dollars, then 75 dollars, and now its just a pin and a certificate the size of a business card! whats the deal with that!? <1% / 90
176) HD let's it's best people go or forces them out so they can hire a holes for little money and littler knowledge. Beware going into berlin NJ HD<1% / 90
177) i have worked there over a year and i am always feeling like we are understaffed and they try to run us into the ground. they never schedule right and most of the moangers suck.<1% / 90
178) They take your money and then drag out flooring installation dates indefinitely.<1% / 87
179) No one is running the place. Just a bunch of people showing up to work for their welfare checks.<1% / 86
180) Home depot clearly have no intension of correcting their customer service image its not important to the top man and thats why it continues to hurt them financially they must be losing millions ! <1% / 85
181) Need real people to run the stores not some wanna be's<1% / 85
182) former employee of HD for 14 years, Just fired for code of conduct violation, scamed by a 2 yr employee to cause a loss of 140.$ to the co/ Customer service is not #1 nor trained employees what a joke<1% / 84
183) Hey,Asshole Customers looking for "Experienced Salespeople" to help you,they're too busy helping the "Newbies" that are just as fucking clueless as you are! Get a fucking life! <1% / 84
184) I'm currently a HD employee. I would like to stay with the company but the company doesn't seem to care much for it's employees. The employee morale at my store is BAD. No motivation or incentives. <1% / 84
185) Part time employee, 55 years old, owned and remodeled 5 properties from roof down to basement ... last review by new FES and new ASM: "needs to improve product knowledge" !!! WTF ! Here's your .10/hr!<1% / 84
186) This is how management deals with concerns of employees at 1926. I was told "less talk more work" also this is not your old home depot where you had people to help you, do more with less.<1% / 84
187) having worked at home depot for 13 years, i have found the biggest problem with home depot is that they have flooded the market with stores. every time you turn around, a new one pops up like a starbuck's...in turn, your hiring force gets weaker with less knowledgeable associates at less pay, forcing experienced workers to take up the slack and stress and be overworked...thanks bob-sure wish bernie and arthur were still around!<1% / 83
188) Too many chiefs and not enough indians. What.. do they make everyone who can handle working there for an extended period of time a manager? <1% / 83
189) Home Depot sucks because I purchased a 2x10x16' pressure treated length of wood and the employee who helped me didn't bother to tell me that the wood was damaged on his end and also failed to tell me that there was a no return/no refund on lumber of that size once its cut. I got home and noticed it and went right back to the store where I was told by a store manager that I could not return the lumber because it was already cut and cannot be returned. He said it was a weights and measure thing and nothing could be done. I told him that the wood was damaged and I had no more money to buy a new piece and that the wood was useless to me in that condition and he still refused to help me with the problem. to ad insult to injury, my wife and nephew work in that very store and I still got no service!!! HOME DEPOT SUCKS!!!!!<1% / 82
190) HR manager is a pathalogical liar and one twisted up bit--everyone knows it-no pay differential for night crew WFT?assoc.getpaid to make mistakes! not existint-no pay differential for night crew WTF?<1% / 82
191) As a former employee, I say to Nardelli, "take your Home Depot cheer and shove it up filthy lieing greedy mother-fucking ass!"<1% / 81
193) Hey all you HD Veterans! Should the Newbies be fitted for Orange Aprons or Orange Jumpsuits?<1% / 80
194) If Bob Nerdelli wsa evaluated on the same scale as associates he would be a non-performer and shit canned.<1% / 78
195) Planning department don't know what actual pieces and parts available from suppliers...and then installers are at a loss to do a proper job....left hand has no idea what the right hand is doing. Poor Subcontractors make it worse!<1% / 78
196) The first problem is the store managers. I have been an employee for the orange puke for over 2 years and have been asked questions by managers that they should know, like " Who schedules the trucks"?<1% / 78
197) I work for Home Depot and make $15.00 an hour to do nothing. They would love to fire me and hire someone else for $8.00. I hate Home Depot so I'm going to stay just for spite. Oh and do nothing. <1% / 77
198) Please DONT ask me where the concrete aisle is what YOU JUST WALKED RIGHT PAST IT!!!<1% / 77
201) THD has a knack for understaffing.... was at a Home Depot on Black Friday last year. They had one cashier scheduled when the store opened. The line was wrapping around the store. <1% / 76
202) to all of you complaining about poor service, you have to remember Home Depot is no longer the place it used to be,we now hire part time people who care about nothing, but their paychecks.............<1% / 76
203) YEA RIGHT a FAMILY My ASS, a funeral and no one shows, someone is out and no one calls. Bomb threats and its painted over. What a Joke. enjoy store 0902. Thats right Grab your ankles and bend over.<1% / 75
204) No stock options---how's that for news 4 weeks before assistant manager reviews are due?Just change the rules to suit good old Bob---Only store managers will get one---in 4 years!!!<1% / 73
205) Went shopping at HD the other day and asked where are the down spouts and gutters. Reply - at the other end of the store, turn left. I was upset with the employe's response so I asked where is the manager of your store. Reply - at the other end of the store, turn left. My concern is that HD must start to weed out these unproductive employes because the best kind od advertisement is by word of mouth and you all know what happened to Builders Square.<1% / 72
206) Home Depot rocks!! You guys all need to lighten up!!<1% / 72
207) Never enough cashiers. Usually only two cashiers at one time and one person running the automated checkout. I usually never wait more than 20 minutes before ditching the cart full of merchandise.<1% / 72
208) Don't ever ask home depot to install ANYTHING. The installation fee is much higher than the kitchen cabinet itself. I installed all the kitchen counter stuff myself, but made the mistake of allowing home depot to handle the countertop. That was a nightmare. They refuse to install it because we didn't remove the kitchen sink. First off, they were very, very late, so we need to use the damn sink, and we thought, these guys would come in, simply remove the sink (two minutes), and install the countery top. They refuse, and charged us another $100 just to come back. We decided to install the counter top ourselves, but they refuse to do that. They kept our counter top hostage, and would only released it once we paid the crook another $100. Home depot is the most absolute bullshit. Customer service is in India, and when you finally reached a U.S. customer service, they repeat the same bull shit.<1% / 71
209) I'm a lot loader at a Home Depot. I'm just doing it during summers between college. I'm out in the heat all day and I catch the shit from management and from angry customers.to hell with them both<1% / 71
210) Number hungry, greedy sumbitches. Grub worms have more common sense than the 6-digit, pencil pushing, planogram fuck-up idiots in Atlanta. Customers should be counted coming thru the door, not the reg<1% / 71
211) roxbury N>J> managers should be working not hiding in offices.managers are rude and unprofessional and dont know anything about customer service. the store is always out of stock. store is a disgrace<1% / 71
212) They only hire employees who have been fired from other stores. Thus they end up witht the dumbest (and the ugliest) skags around.<1% / 70
214) Lowe's Home Improvement isn't perfect, but is a great alternative to Home Dope-o. At least at Lowe's you can get some sales help and customer service. At least their commercials aren't AS stupid.<1% / 70
215) At store 2609 in Mansfield, MA, if you dont agree with superiors or you dont kiss their ass, you get pin pointed and they give you a ton of shit. so much to the point they lose GOOD employees. <1% / 69
216) Bob Nardelli is in the Mob!<1% / 69
217) Somebody needs to tell the nimrods at the Morrow, GA HD that reverse racism is STILL racism. You've got a clique of newbie department heads trying to purge all the white employees. On and on it goes-<1% / 69
218) the head cashiers are not very productive. Tanya is the worst one of them all. She is never available when called upon from cashiers. I've been in cashiers lines and she nevers came when called. Back in June of 2004 a cashier i believe her name was april had a hand put within inches of her face from tonya and then basically told not only in from of myself but several other customers that she doesn't know what she was doing on self=checkout and she has problems with all head cashiers. I have been in april's lines numerous times and she is one of the best cashiers you have: polite,friendly and helpfull. She should be promoted to head cashier, plus a raise and be on more days. other friends and people i know agree with this. <1% / 69
219) well you bought 10-15% over didn't you? so it shouldn't matter that your pallet of wood flooring is damaged...<1% / 69
220) Home Depot ask my company to come to Florida and help with roofing repairs after hurricane Ivan. Long story to short they SCREWED me out of $10,000.00. for work performed. DO NOT WORK FOR HOME DEPOT<1% / 68
221) i work at store 957 old bridge nj. some employees do care, but we are not paid what we are worth so what happens service suffers. pay us what we are worth and the store will become profitable again!! <1% / 68
222) If you hate shopping at HD go somewhere else, and if you hate working for HD find another job. It's a simple concept. <1% / 68
224) they do not properly train their sales associates and they cut their hours back to 2-10 hours a WEEK.<1% / 68
225) Home Depot generally does NOT take Safety serious. As a new former employee (quit by choice) I was on InFocus Safety.They get others to lie to cover SERIOUS safety issues.You Can Do It We can KILL YOU<1% / 67
226) I too am a HD employee, and I have been bitching about the lack of personel on the floor for over 3 years. It is the HD way. We have a new store (only 1 year old). it is clean, but no one on floor<1% / 67
227) I've worked for the depot for 15 yrs and up until bob took over and fucked every thing and everyone over, it was a great company to work for> I say get rid of Bob, and soon before he screws us more.<1% / 67
228) ive been working at home depot in wake forest nc for a little over a year and it is the most unorganized shitty company i have ever worked for. Management doesnt give two shits about anything!!!<1% / 66
229) I hate Home Depot's Self Check Out Line. Why the fuck do I have to check out my own stuff? It's not like I am getting a discount for doing the work of a Cahier. Cuts, cuts and more cuts. <1% / 65
230) Their corporate offices could care less about their call center reps either. They talk about working with people on schedules then turn around and say take it or leave it, you're expendable. They treat everyone like children and do hire anybody with a pulse. They can't get their shit together training wise as no one can come up with a straight answer on procedures. They have inadequate exits and make employees leave or enter through the back doors like servants. They promise benefits from day 1 in the beginning then turn arund and say, "we never said that!". Nt to mention their benefits are expensive as hell. Their IT department is a joke.<1% / 65
231) SHITTY ASSISTANT MANAGERS at store 4009; They act like they are better than everyone else with their godlike power to do a markdown. Fuck you, Randy C0__rod and James M@___n.<1% / 64
232) Store 4654, oral sex in the parking lot anyone? Thats how you get promted or maybe be the store managers pot dealer?<1% / 64
233) dirt-bag contractors<1% / 63
234) Worst job I ever had, lol took away the merit badges and replaced with a plastic plaque, what a fucking insult, Store 1504 Manager Janet Wren is a total bith.<1% / 63
235) HD to file for bankruptcy in 5-10 years. Most of my customers went to shop Mom & Pop stores.<1% / 62
236) Honestly, the store is just terrible. The customer's don't help much either.<1% / 62
237) Uninformed sales people.<1% / 62
238) have no business in roofing installation. it leaks and they walked off the job before it was fininshed I am trying to find their "legal dept" how can you tell if a home depot employee is lying......... their lips are moving how can youn tell if you jave just been screwed by home depot. you get a receipt<1% / 61
239) That devil looks like all the employees at home depot!<1% / 61
240) You can do it, by yourself. (pick your order, read books for advice, find your own cart, find your own help, self check out). <1% / 61
241) Hell Depot is the worst experience of my life including Marine Boot Camp. It is the worst example of American Commerce since the 1800s.<1% / 60
242) I was a dept head (di#* head) for HD for two years, got paid regular associate pay for eight months of that time with promises of reimbursement. When my raise did come through, it was $3 an hour less than off the street hires got paid as starting DHs. No reimbursement ever happened. I quit.<1% / 60
243) Last time I checked everyone has options. If you don't like Home Depot as an employer, go elsewhere. If you don't like Home Depot as a shopping destination, shop elsewhere. This website is madness.<1% / 60
244) well i have been there for about 2 years. the $0.32 an hour raises are great....not. Nardelli is running that place in the ground. but i have bills to pay and until then...I work at H.D<1% / 60
245) the stores are messy and you can't find anyone to help you. It's not my department or i am on break are the answers you get.<1% / 59
246) Cut starting wage by $3.00 per hour last year. Treat vendors like shit.<1% / 58
247) I dread having 20 of the same items, because they can't count them and use the quantity key, each one seperately, ya know ,BOOP,BOOP,BOOP,BOOP, BEEP 1,BOOP,BOOP,BEEP 2,BEEP 3,BOOP,BOOP,BOOP,BOOP,BOOP,<1% / 58
248) Remember Home Depot's orginal concept "Do-It-Yourself" Wherehouse. Don't get so upset when help doesn't arrive promtly or not at all.Just remember Contactors/Plumbers/Electricians cost more. <1% / 58
249) These are valid complaints, all of them. I am a 3 year HD DH in Georgia, this place does suck, Taylor quit, Nardelli will kill it within 5 years, mark my words.<1% / 58
250) I currently work at homedepot in canada, the job sucks they always want you to take responsibility for the department you work in. Management then tells you do everything when its wrong its my ass<1% / 57
251) They dont accept gift cards online and the product I wanted to buy wasnt available in stores and they gave me crap about ordering it through there store <1% / 57
252) Heard people in the financial world that HD has a life cycle of around 31 years before they bite the dust. Has anyone else heard the same thing?<1% / 56
253) Hey Kitchen Designer, if you learned so much then why can't you spell!!!! Get hooked on phonics!!<1% / 56
254) I'm a specialist at HD#6339 for 3 yrs in Elect Dept.Theres only two of us there.One opens,I close.Make sense?How are we to give the promised 100% service alone with 20 waiting mad customers? <1% / 56
255) "Our professional installation teams are factory trained". This was stated to me by the sales manager that sold us our windows and siding installation from Columbia, MD. Interestingly the sub-contractors which performed the installation didn't speak or understand English as they were Korean. Was this training done in the Korean language? Were these people even here legally?<1% / 55
256) Service Desk employees actually rolls their eyes when asked a question or for assistance. All e-mails/letters to Home Depot corporate complaining have gone unanswered and no improvement at store.<1% / 55
257) I worked in Crap Depot for 1 1/2 years. It was the absolute worst time in my life! I actually got fired because I took 10 more mins on my lunch break! Umm, excuse me? Trust me, they suck!!<1% / 54
258) "I really don't care how you feel. We Are Home Depot, We have more business than we can handle". This comment was made to me by a Home Depot At Home Services Installation Manager from Columbia, MD after they totally screwed up my window replacement. Well, just to be clear it was actually their non-English speaking sub-contractors that screwed up the job under Home Depots Supervision.<1% / 53
259) Brain injured employees treated differenty. I was one and after about a month was made fun of, treated differently, etc. because mgmnt told employees to do this to get me to quit. Was fired afterall.<1% / 53
260) Generally, the larger the corporation, i.e. Walmart, the more social ills are in it's wake. Home depot is the king of the home centers, many bankrupt stores & ruined lives are the legacy we'll face. <1% / 53
261) I have to say i agree with a lot of the statements in regards to payroll and hours, however use some common sense, i.e. associates working for their welfare checks!!whats that? <1% / 53
262) how much of a life do all you stupid people have to be bashing a company over the internet, not much of one at all. don't like it, don't go! hate working there, get the hell out! pathetic people.<1% / 51
263) I work for one of those service companies that THD forced the suppliers to hire. I work very hard to make my department the best it can be only to have the assholeociates pull the price tags off on new bays sets so that they can keep from having to put excess stock in the overhead. They dont care that they just removed the home of a selling item. Then when the item comes in, they mark "no home" and leave it on the floor. Then they get pissed becasuse I spend all my time fixing the mess they make and cant give them the other fluff and puff services. And, most times, we are the only ones in the freeeking stoire that IS helping customers. For example, the department had one ass. and she was sent to garden and the only one there was me! I am not floor coverage. No, we are not as knowledgeable as the real vendor reps. We have zero contact with the comapnies we "rep". I try like hell to make my dept better so that they look good, and are shoppable. I have them sell the displays and then wonder why sales drop on that item, then I get my ass ripped by the mngmt for not having put up a fixture.....Home depot used to be the bomb, it is sad to see what has happened.<1% / 51
264) I have occasion to repair their telephones and every one there thinks that he she is the only person who has troubles with there phone <1% / 49
266) bob nardelli sucks, put more people on the floor. maybe then we will be able make sales plan. stop burning out management. try having more than 1 manager per shift. in a 55m store<1% / 49
267) Home Depot SPY 2000 way a retarded proogram that failed. Thanks Retardelli!<1% / 49
268) I like working at Home Depot, It's nice having a 401k, I agressively assist every customer I meet, and very often have happy repeat customers, very supportive management, but quite dissapointed in bob<1% / 49
269) I went to buy a small box of drywall nails, $5.00+, BITE ME!, I'll use the old ones. Need tools? go to Harbor Freight, some things less than half what you pay at Home Deep Hole.<1% / 49
270) I work for Home Depot in Jacksonville Florida. Managers treat their employee's like shit. I really like their medical insurance. They pay for nothing. You just get a discount because of all the employ<1% / 49
271) I'am sick and tired of the home depot loss prevention investigator's following me and other staff around the store like we stealing the store.<1% / 49
272) if you want price, go to home depot, if you want any kind of service, you're wasting your time, run don't walk, to any other competitor around<1% / 49
273) it is funny to hear all of you people bitch and moan about the home depot. Every company has the same problems so if you are miserable go find another job. <1% / 49
274) Want to know why the stores in South Jersey get ripped off so much? Because the LPS District Manager couldn't find his ass with 2 palms and a search warrant!<1% / 49
275) I have been to all 5 Home Depots in my area (Vermont) and plenty more across the East Coast and they ALL SUCK. I have NEVER been able to get any employee to assist me without a hassle. It's like hunting for deer. You have to very quietly sneak up on them and corner them. If you just try to walk up and ask for help, they scatter like rats. The last time I cornered one to try to get a piece of copper flashing, he told me to go to the front of the store and ask a cashier to get me help. I have finally given up on this pathetic excuse for a store and I only go in there when I need something I can grab off the shelf. I also go in prepared to not get what I came for and ready to abandon my cart if the line stops. Home Depot makes Walmart look good. Hell, HD makes G. W. Bush look good!!<1% / 48
276) Two workers gave me opposite directions to find what i needed...I was like WTF.<1% / 48
277) as a tool rental associate that has worked on many construction sites, i can agree that 99.45% of associates and 100% of management dont know their elbows from their assholes...well former TRC assoc.<1% / 47
278) Went to an open lane, waited about 5 minutes for cashier, "supervisor" approached, turned off light and closed the lane without saying a word .... then simply walked away. I'd rather shop in hell.<1% / 47
279) I'm a cashier, and the front end supervisor is a completely unorganized moron. The ops manager (who manages the front end) had no idea the front end was so bad until my fiance organized a revolt and had about 10 people go back and tell the store manager about the FES, which was when the ops manager "found out" what was going on. Right.<1% / 46
280) Nardelli dumps great selling very profitable items to bring in foreign made crap at a higher cost to HD manufactured by his friends at less profit & higher cost. Nardelli doesn't care about stockhold<1% / 46
282) Gross mistreatment of Vendors, Contractors, Installers, etc.<1% / 45
283) Nardelli wants it run "like the military" HAH - a former draft dodger in 'Nam Era just like Cheney and Dubya. Nothing but cowards when it counted relying on daddy's money for an "out".<1% / 45
284) Thank you for putting Nardeli's picture on the top right corner of your home page. He got to be HD CEO by cutting massive numbers of average worker's jobs at his last position!<1% / 45
285) Bob Nardelli's OFFICE # is...770-384-3622. ENJOY!!!<1% / 44
286) Carts all over the parking lot. No cashiers. Out of stock for several items I was looking for, etc. All this from a company that used to be the leader in customer service!<1% / 44
287) Bait & switch ? Submitted bid for roof of $12,000. Upon return the price had gone to $15,000.<1% / 43
289) The dwarf who runs the NJ HD Tool Rental program is 5'2", I didn't know they piled shit that high!<1% / 43
290) The employee who designed my kitchen was off on the measurements. This caused some super headaches with my installation. I've so many problems with customer service, I don't shop there anymore. The few pennies I save aren't worth the aggrevation. <1% / 43
291) Good and Bad Home Depots<1% / 42
292) I work at an IDC..HD too cheap to hire people who can even speak English..temp services are horrible..shrink went up as the temps helped themselves to anything not nailed down. Hd was a good company.<1% / 42
293) The only good thing @ Homeless depot Canada(ontario)is there benifits pkgs 100% dental/medical/drug for full-timers. Other than that they (managers and up) can kiss-my-ass.I work too hard for shit pay<1% / 42
294) fuck everyone on here<1% / 40
295) Home depot's online order system is the worst i have ever experienced. Wait times on the phone exceeded one hour and thity minutes. After almost two months, I am still waiting for my merchandise.<1% / 40
296) Home Depots loss prevention dept. lies and plants merchandise on people to make an arrest.And then will send you a restitution bill for 20 times the amount of the product that you didnt steal.<1% / 40
297) i am an ima associate at home depot in louisiana. and the management team sucks ass. i have to teach my store manager stuff. this is crazy. i like my job. but im big on management teams.<1% / 40
298) I hate Walmart! That place is the pits! I agree with all of you that Walmarts must go. I hate retards that cant spell their own name trying to give me advice, bring back Caldor's. <1% / 40
299) i work @ the depot and i'm sure that no manager in any company will tell employees to cut hours or they'll be in force to lay people off <1% / 40
300) If everyone that owns HD stock would ban together, things could change and if they didn't, everyone dumps the stock!<1% / 40
301) Installers don't even know the merchandise they're measuring for. I dumped all my HD stock and will never go back because of the rude treatment when I suggested the "installers" look at the item they're measuring for prior to coming in my home. The installer lied, the customer service rep lied and the store manager is never there, but that's who you "need" to talk to.<1% / 40
302) Job Justification La-La Land. <1% / 40
303) My husband and I met at Home Depot...that is the BEST thing that happened to me there. I worked store 902-either kiss ass or blow somebody to get ahead! If that...you people all suck!!!<1% / 40
304) oh bull shit on the closed isle injuries hate to tell ya this lowes has a great safety record as opposed to home depot that has killed 3 customers tht i know of when they knocked freight over <1% / 40
306) sorry ass crying associates <1% / 40
307) Store 2776. WORST store manager ever. He is a complete jackass and loser in life. Hardware and Garden DH are pieces of shit. Laura head cashier a complete fat worthless bitch who will NOT RING at all<1% / 40
308) store 4654 our recieving manager does anything he wants, we think the store manager is a afraid of him. He can't do no wrong, makes up his own hours. Our store makes its own rules, the hell with corp<1% / 40
310) Stroudsburg Pa store is in a frenzy cause Lowes is coming in October. Funny thing, all the fired HD employees are going there....Same Shit, Different Color...<1% / 40
311) The best thing about the Cabot Arkansas Home Depot is the hot cashiers and head cashiers. Schwiiiiiinnng! Totaly awesome in looks AND service. I think I'll marry one of them!<1% / 40
312) The only place you can get good service is at a family owned store. Unfortunately, they're all being run out of business (Collins Hardware @ Tower & Hampden in Aurora, CO).<1% / 40
313) the was that us installation group installs flooring in fla. after 5 months my wood floor is still not completed<1% / 40
314) They advertised a water hose by sending a sales circular to my house when I went in the store I was told that this region didnt get any and that Home Depot doesn't give rainchecks. Why send that out?<1% / 40
315) Website sucks. navigation not. Try searching for osb, fiberglass insulation. Wow they don't show must not carry basic building supplies??? Try the contact us link see where it takes you. thanks <1% / 40
316) went to get two locks rekeyed, mgr wouldn't do it. so i bought two similar locks, replaced tumblers, and returned for a full refund. thanks jimmy @ #6525. you saved me $43 and cost you $10 in labor<1% / 40
317) At home depot in monroe it's not about what you know it's about who you know, there are 9 or 10 white supervisor and 1 black hr who think's he's white, in all there are 100 associate and 15 minorites.<1% / 39
318) Cutting machines always broken and never seem to get fix (recent experiences: blind cutter (been over two weeks) and wet saw. When I mentioned that the machines are always broken their excuse was it isn't as bad in this store as the one on Capital Expwy! Geezz<1% / 39
319) Home Depot is a GREAT place to work and shop. Much better than Lowe's, and the people who work there are friendly.<1% / 39
320) Home Depot Napa, Ca Another horror story dealing with Lies, Incompetence, and Stupidity. Too many screw-ups to list here, but after contacting the BBB in Atlanta, NO action taken (Big surprise).<1% / 39
321) I have a sweetie that works at HD. He has learned more about D-I-Y projects helping customers that know nothing but act like the know everything! Way to go Dave!<1% / 39
322) Its been 2 months and I still don't have my Laminate countertop! its not even one of the nice stone ones. THey aren't even installing it. Its not even at the store yet!!!!!!!!<1% / 39
323) Jesus H Christ, as a customer? Yeah he would Bitch and moan a bit, of course if his local store was that bad he would go somewhere else, Lowes or whatever. Whiners at work should Quit! HDSUP #1019 <1% / 39
324) My friend jeff worked at the one in Concord TX and a beam fell from that there rafters and killed'em..true story..<1% / 39
325) Two workers came me opposite directions to find what i needed...I was like WTF.<1% / 39
326) Hamilton Oh store, installed defective carpet this per Invista, installers were losers,no store mgr.or corporate would help - saving grace - was on H.D. credit card,didn't pay and threatened lawsuit.<1% / 38
327) Have you ever seen a man break down and cry. Well I almost did. Try changing,by phone, the installation date for a dishwasher.After 21/2 hrs I finally went to the store & cnlx & bot one at Lowes <1% / 38
328) Installers damaged my brand new countertop (which was installed by Lowe's and they did a great job). A year later, it is still damaged because they refused to do anything about it. I never go there.<1% / 38
329) to contact Frank Blake VP of opererations email frank_blake@homedepot.com to email Bob Nardelli bob_ nardelli it goes strait to his blackberry.<1% / 38
330) I don't care about their employees. I just want my project they started to be finished.<1% / 37
331) I wanted bathroom cabinet refacing,was informed they only did that with shower enclosures.What do the two have to do with each other.On-line response was not addressing my question. Yeah for new Lowes<1% / 37
332) I wish to make it known that customer service at the Chapel Hill store has some major problems. This is the second time this year that I have had a problem with this store and its employees. Today I could not find any help in the lumber department to help me load a piece of plywood. The employee was no where to be found. I had the service desk call for someone. The person that arrived said they do not work in that department. They helped me load this lumber. I then went to the check out. I had a 10.00 coupon that was sent to me in the mail. The coupon required some management code. I waited for 15 min for the manager to arrive. While waiting the cashier made statements about customers. ďItís not my job to load your cart" "I canít help you I am busy" "you want me to pull that order for you? Thatís not my job." after some one showed up and cleared my coupon my gift card from giant eagle would not work. I left that area and went to customer service. Stephan told me that these behaviors were not acceptable. No Kidding. He told me there was nothing else that could be done maybe I should come back tomorrow. Customer service? I don't believe that this store wants to have any customers. I will drive further to use a store that cares about people. <1% / 37
333) Ordered 1 AC online, it arived broken. Ordered a replacement, also arived broken. Online orders can't be returned to the store and they have been promissing me a refund for over a month now that has never showed.<1% / 37
334) Over estimate on the amount of blinds you need. Then those can't be returned because they've been pre-cut by the same employee who said you'd need that many. <1% / 37
335) The new store in Windham ME left their plants out in the cold during May and now expect customers to pay full price for dead plants.<1% / 37