The Home Depot Sucks


Best Home Depots

In all fairness to THD, there are actually some well run stores with good helpful employees, clean aisles, etc. Here's your chance to give them credit.

City State Comment
Calgary (Store # 7061)AB Designer in k/b is best! knowlegeable and saved us money
Calgary (Store # 7061)AB If you need anything - go to kevin from kit/bath
Calgary (Store # 7250)AB Andre in the paint department is the best.
Edmonton (Store # 7119)AB Some have been employed for more than 5 years-great SM - way to go Dale.
Edmonton (Store # 7062)AB We now have a decent store manager and our specialty asm is good.
Edmonton (Store # 7268)AB Great and friendly staff. I\'m a vendor for the area and this store is by far the friendliest
Edmonton AB Just wanted to say this store rocks....If you need help ask for Louise........
Edmonton AB Just wondering why whitemud store is not here........ I wrote a few times
Edmonton AB This is the best store in Alberta
Edmonton (Store # 7248)AB This is the best home depot clean and the staff are knowledgable I was told it was the Happy HD
Edmonton (Store # 7117)AB Staff really seem to care about the customers, lots of friendly staff
Medicine Hat (Store # 7036)AB This is a kick ass store. Best customer service of them all.
Medicine Hat (Store # 7036)AB The cleanest home depot i have ever been in
Sherwood Park AB One guy who works in mill works, i think his name is Ian, is an absolute IDIOT
St.Albert (Store # 7088)AB N/A
Anchorage (Store # 8940)AK Store 8940 has great people working on the sales floor.keep up the good work
Fairbanks (Store # 1303)AK Our store is alright..better than some....
Daphne AL Our company helps Daphne & Mobile HD employees make extra money. harryoutdoors@hotmail.com
Decatur (Store # 0884)AL This store looks and operates 200% better than a year ago. what happened? must be new management
Decatur AL One of the managers there was very cute and friendly, I think his name was Dustin/Justin
Decatur (Store # 0884)AL Great store to shop. Those girls that push those carts rock.
Decatur (Store # 0884)AL Store has really gotten cleaned up since they got their new store manager!!
Decatur (Store # 0884)AL Mike was a very knowledgeable and friendly. He took the time to help me with patience and care.
Decatur (Store # 0884)AL Bob Scott will live on forever in our hearts at the Decatur store!!!!!!
Dothan (Store # 0808)AL N/A
Dothan AL Girls at the service desk are great. Brandi always goes out of her way.
Dothan AL The employees are very friendly and try to help
Florence (Store # 8577)AL Store is immaculate and people are always helpful-especiall Jason in Appliances!
Huntsville (Store # 0888)AL N/A
Huntsville (Store # 0888)AL Wonderful store!!
Huntsville (Store # 0804)AL Great SM thats involved in the store & on the floor. Sales assoc willing 2 help in other depts.
Montgomery (Store # 0813)AL Overall a good experience.
Montgomery (Store # 0883)AL Great store, employees are very nice the electrical department is always willing to help customers.
Montgomery (Store # 0813)AL N/A
Oxford (Store # 0866)AL Great service! Needs a tool rental, but overall I\'ve never had any problems there!
Prattville (Store # 0806)AL I love the prattville store they are very helpful especially the garden associates i love flowers to
Scottsboro (Store # 0812)AL Great store , very knowedgable associates... ty
Scottsboro AL Willam is very hlpful. He went beyond his job too help me.
Sylacauga (Store # 0809)AL We rock!!!!
Sylacauga (Store # 0809)AL Clerks eager and helpful, especially the elec. dept. HD HQ needs to stock new 08 Code items
Trussville AL New manager made the difference.
Cabot (Store # 1412)AR Awesome HD, the best I've ever been in. Clean and bright and employees are helpful and friendly.
Cabot (Store # 1412)AR Awesome specialty store! Very clean with associates that take pride and ownership in the store!
Cabot (Store # 1412)AR Store is 3 yrs old and still looks brand new. Management is great, employees care...Awesome store
Cabot (Store # 1412)AR Store is fantastic more specifically the specialty areas. ran very well.
Conway AR Does not have a lot of things it like back west
Fayetteville AR The contractor desk is the.there always there to help the contractor time is money
Flippin (Store # 1410)AR This store has some of the most helpful employees. From tripled2008@hughes.net
Fort Smith (Store # 1404)AR Store is always clean the cashiers are all great they could use a little more help at the lumber end
Fort Smith (Store # 1404)AR HOME DEPOT ROCKS! the reason i know is cause i work there..say what ya wilI BUT WE STILL ROCK!
Jonesboro (Store # 1406)AR The restrooms are spotless and the associates enjoy their work.
Jonesboro (Store # 1406)AR The cleanest bathrooms in jonesboro.
Little Rock AR NLR, AR. girl spent over an hour with us picking out paint. manager ran dept so girl could help us.
Mountain Home (Store # 1410)AR We actually put customers first. Low staff with higher than normal morale.
Mountain Home (Store # 1410)AR Who says customers are put first??? The store manager that got fired? Morale sucks!!
Nlr (Store # 1402)AR This store has done summersaults from the worse to the best ever. visit it and you'll see
North Little Rock AR Helpfull,Pleasant,Associates there when needed store clean and unclutered
Avondale (Store # 0441)AZ Nathan at the prodesk is always helpful. The rest of the prodesk is not that bad either
Avondale AZ It is really hard to get help here, but this guy Nate is always very helpful.
Glendale (Store # 0475)AZ Simply the best, day in and day out.
Peoria (Store # 0424)AZ Go see greg or chris amazing employees they go the extra mile
Phoenix (Store # 0401)AZ Its getting better than it was but it would be nice to stay staffed in the least..
Prescott AZ This is the best home depot I have ever shopped. they actually know thier stuff!
Prescott Valley (Store # 0446)AZ The friendliest HD store I\'ve even had the pleasure to go to. Other HD\'s should take note
Queen Creek (Store # 0415)AZ Everyone is helpfull and knowledge. Management is a bit lazy and slow. Store is clean and neat.
Showlow (Store # 0411)AZ AWESOME MGMT TEAM!!! One of the best stores i have been to!! svc desk is great!!
Sierra Vista AZ Hotties with big fun bags all over the place. Sure, they are dumb shits, but damn, they fine!
Tempe (Store # 0489)AZ Really close to A.S.U. So hot chicks work there in almost every dpt!
Tucson AZ El Con Mall. Always neat. They all look better since Lowe's opened.
Tucson (Store # 0410)AZ Pantano/Broadway. Best plant dept. 4 of their employee been there forever. They even know orchids!
Tucson AZ Great customer service! Everyone was very helpful.
Tucson (Store # 0410)AZ Employees help out in any dept & if they dnt know the answer they find some1 or calls another store.
Burnaby (Store # 7044)BC Best service by far
Coquitlam (Store # 7045)BC Best service anywhere in BC, Mike in flooring is the person to contact in this store.
Courtenay (Store # 7177)BC Excellent knowledge from all staff and great management team. Customers always extremely happy
Langley (Store # 7041)BC Amazing store. Does not suck
North Surrey (Store # 7046)BC Great Store, helpful people that know their stuff. Thanks for all your help.
Saanich BC Great people. Manager is a very pleasant young man.
Surrey (Store # 7044)BC Store is awsome!!! staff is really good!!! management is really good
Surrey (Store # 7044)BC All associates including the managers know what they\'re doing and talking about. Its always clean
Surrey (Store # 7046)BC N/A
Surrey BC Whalley-bottom of hill: best place for paint assist - employees very knowledgeable & very fr
Surrey (North) (Store # 7046)BC This store is fantastic! Usually has everythign I need and staff is very friendly!
Vancouver, Cambie BC Nice Store, more should be like this one. Employees care about their customer. Nice female SM to
Vernon BC The guys in Millwork are great, the older guy with the white hair and the young man with glasses.
Vernon - Canada BC An AWesome Group of People, great place to shop, every store should be like this one !!
Anaheim Hills (Store # 6643)CA AWESOME STORE!Must have an AWESOME Night Crew!Kudos to the manager in charge of them!
Anaheim Hills (Store # 6643)CA AWESOME STORE!Must have an AWESOME Night Crew!Kudos to the manager in charge of them!
Anaheim Hills (Store # 6643)CA Taj mahal of home depots. you will not believe how clean and how many aprons are on the floor
Bakersfield (Store # 1064)CA Garden dept. is good and so is bonnie in flooring.
Bakersfield (Store # 1060)CA The kitchen and bath dept is the best, always on the ball,
Bakersfield (Store # 1064)CA The paint employees are real pros at paint advice and are eager to help.
Beaumont (Store # 8987)CA Great store very knowledgable people. appliance dept is the best.also very clean store.
Brentwood (Store # 1076)CA All the guys in the lumber dept are really hot. so masculine and strong, i love the way they smell.
Burbank CA Aram in the plumbing Dept. Knows his stuff. wish all Home Depot employees were like him.
Campbell (Store # 0642)CA This store is always so clean and everyone is so helpful.
CASON (Store # 6670)CA Scheduler at this store is also HOT!!!!
Ceres (Store # 6947)CA Great Loss Prevention Team, Always catching shop lifters, keep the prices low!!
Chico (Store # 6609)CA Great Employees! Get Service! Friendly and well trained!
Chino (Store # 0619)CA The best team I have ever encountered. Keep up the great job!
Chula Vista (Store # 0658)CA Gerard is the worst assist manager.He is not good with working with the opposite sex.
Chula Vista (Store # 0658)CA N/A
Chula Vista (Store # 0658)CA Met 2 condescending 2 people, 1 in shutters, and 1 in special order security doors.
Colma (Store # 6655)CA Store is very organized, associates very Knowledgeable, specially Erik in special services
Colma (Store # 6655)CA Erik must have written this nomination himself. Colma store is the worst in the chain.
Colma (Store # 6655)CA Victor Matus offers excellent customer service and is very handsome.
Colma (Store # 6655)CA Marita in special services is very helpful,sexy has a super hot body go check her out
Colma (Store # 6655)CA Colma pro store is the one of the best clean well staffed stores i have shopped in.
Cypress (Store # 6650)CA The millworks dept at the cypress store is the best period.
East Palo Alto (Store # 6603)CA Joseph in Millworks is very knowledgable.The manager is intelligent and can speak english!!!
El Cajon CA Hot chick cashiers
El Cerrito CA It's like the Twilight Zone in there. Employees ask if you need help, shelves are organized. Weird!
Escondido (Store # 1053)CA Clean, organized and helpful.
Escondido CA The older employees are often very helpful, they're often retired from a trade due to age or injury
Fresno CA Very good store with helping people
Fresno (Store # 1086)CA No one in flooring walked into where they unload trucks and jaime helped me get my tile
Gardena (Store # 0611)CA For a older store this store is clean-over the past few years has gotten better service .
Gardena (Store # 0611)CA I just went to work for THD , I got to tell you I\'m in Mill WOrks.I go out of my way 4 the custer
Glendale (Store # 0649)CA Flooring department has a great young associate who is very knowledgeable
Glendora (Store # 6617)CA One of the Managers, Duane, was really rude and disrespectful. Bad store.
Glendora (Store # 6617)CA Love shopping in this store.
Hayward CA Great night guy he helps me all the time
Hemet (Store # 6637)CA Excellent hardware staff and department! Friendly associates. Lowes sucks!
Hemet CA N/A
Hollywood (Store # 6616)CA Love it! And love diego the cashier ther!
Huntington Beach (Store # 6649)CA This is a great store pets allowed, tourist attraction, Associates & Managers have a sense of hu
Inglewood CA New Store! Great until everyone gets lazy.
Irvine CA ACE HARDWARE has rescued me every time Home Depot has screwed up!!
La Habra (Store # 6657)CA This store has people that know what they are doing!
LaHabra (Store # 6657)CA Mike in the door dpt is sooooo cute and very very helpful.
Lake Elsinore CA N/A
Lakewodd (Store # 6614)CA Awesome people! Store Manager is a stuck up BIATCH though.
Lemon Grove (Store # 0659)CA I used to work at this store. There is a lot of knowledge in this store!Many old timers still here.
Livermore (Store # 6678)CA This store changed me opinion of the Home Depot! Very friendly cashiers and associates who care!
Lompoc CA HR Hollie sure is a hottie with that big ol booty hope she calls me back so i can smack that ass!
Long Beach/Signal Hill (Store # 1062)CA New store is beautiful with nice view
Long Beach/Signal Hill (Store # 1062)CA The best management team ever...(as of 01-01-07)
Los Angeles (Store # 1048)CA Great customer service. CEO and VP's are very happy with the performance and cleanliness of store.
Madera (Store # 1088)CA Flooring department is superb-Associates are always willing to help and they know their stuff!
Manteca (Store # 1006)CA The staff has always been willing to help with my projects.Allan(mgr) remembers me and says hi
Marina CA Greate product knowledge when you beet the rush
Marina Del Rey (Store # 6611)CA Willie and Lupe are very Knowledgable in their tool rental department, Very Helpfull!!
Milpitas (Store # 1041)CA This store is great I recomend you shop there every day!
Mission Viejo (Store # 0614)CA Store is getting clean up I guess they have a new Store Manager. High 5 Store Manager
Modesto(Store #-6601) (Store # 6601)CA Best Cashiers, Friendly & Courteous!
Monrovia (Store # 6629)CA Shop there regularly, why the fuck dont you have air conditioning??? its nov. 3rd, 97 degrees!
Morgan Hill CA Unbelievably Clean, and Customer is better than average.
Morgan Hill (Store # 8572)CA Small store but most employees treat u like friends/family.
Morgan Hill (Store # 8572)CA Cashiers at door said hi, employees on floor said Hi, All employees i saw said Hi.
Natomas (Store # 6649)CA Clean and associates eager to help. Now if the store manager would fix the lighting...
None CA There isn't a homedepot worth talking about they all suck
Oakland (Store # 1007)CA Found a great employee in kitchen design joel an older man
Oakland (Store # 1007)CA This store as done a 360 over teh last year. Service was excellent. Managers assisting everywhere.
Oceanside (Store # 1018)CA Cleanest store I have even been to!
Oceanside (Store # 1018)CA The emplopyees are always very helpful and the store always has a clean appearance.
Otay Mesa (Store # 1034)CA All the asst mang. very rude with emmployer and custemers.
Palm Springs CA Clean Store! Great Manager (Rick) Very diverse. Straight and Gay employees. It\'s a good one!
Palo Alto (Store # 6603)CA N/A
Panorama City (Store # 6644)CA They really do a good job with gardening supplies.
Panorama City (Store # 6644)CA I went hd store to the garden center and i sal the guy name cuz he dont want to help me at all
Plesanton (Store # 94577)CA Yea theres this cashier name lou he is the best like for real awesome guy very nice
Poway CA Great experience Store Mgr. was very helpful staff very knowledgable.clean store easy to shop
Rancho Cucamonga (Store # 0645)CA Great store! Good customer service.The tool rental department is wonderful and the employees are hot
Red Bluff (Store # 8492)CA Very clean and good people
Red Bluff (Store # 8492)CA This store is clean and employees are very knowledgable and helpful despite management
Red Bluff (Store # 8492)CA Best home depot ive ever been to. the emplotees are the best around. never been more satisfied.
Riverbank (Store # 1842)CA Employees seem to really care about their store even under managements constant changes.looks great
Rohnert Park (Store # 0641)CA What happened at the Rohnert Park store it's clean, light and bright associates helpful
Rohnert Parl CA N/A
Sacramento (Store # 6620)CA You can always find a vendor but no employees
Sacramento (Store # 6966)CA Best store ever. associates eager to help
Sacramento (Store # 6966)CA This store is accualy alright im about to be a manager but want to see the comments about my store
Sacramento (Store # 6966)CA Stanley in garden was so knowledgeable he even loaded my items into my car thats execellent service
Sacramento CA The people in the garden are nice. This girl spent a lot time time looking up this plant I want.
Sacramento (Store # 6620)CA I had very bad experience with an ASM Chickee Wiley who was rude and unprofessional.
Sacramento (Meadowview) CA Julie and Lisa and so much help in Garden. I like to go there just to visit all the nice people.
Sacramento Meadowview CA The store was so clean ! Not the store I remember. Did they clean house and hire new people ?
Salinas (Store # 0655)CA Store is clean and well stocked
San Carlos (Store # 0628)CA This store and the maniger Scott are shaddy !!!!!!!!!!!!11
San Carlos (Store # 0628)CA The paint department rock!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Gina is paint is an asset to the company !!!!!!!!!!!1
San Diego (Store # 0674)CA Libby is the best employee in the store. She has been their for twenty years!
San Diego (Store # 0674)CA Hot chicks working in the kitchen dept. I wish I had 5 kitchens in my house.
San Diego (Store # 0680)CA N/A
San Diego CA N/A
San Diigo CA Nothing good about home depot at all
San Diigo CA Nothing good about home depot at all
San Fernando (Store # 0609)CA Great Prodesk....
San Jose (Store # 6621)CA Freekin awesome staff, S.M. George Davisson is a bad ass.
SAN JOSE (Store # 0622)CA Mayra was one of the hardest working girls i have ever seen.at a hd
San Jose (Store # 0622)CA This young gentleman named Chris in the plumbing department caters to all my needs! Blossom Hill HD!
San Jose (Store # 1009)CA Best HD I have ever shopped in
San Jose-Capitol CA Clean store and i even got help from the A.S.M! Thanks Mark!!
San Pedro (Store # 1005)CA The scheduler at this store is HOTT!!! Always finding a reason to go see her.
San Pedro (Store # 1005)CA The employees are awesome, but the female managers are morons!
San Pedro (Store # 1005)CA This store is awesome there always ready to help in kitchen and bath dept...
San Pedro (Store # 1005)CA The scheduler at Pedro is NOT hot! She does look better than H.L. the asm though.
San Rafeal (Store # 0657)CA Lumber and building materials associates = best employees ever.
San Ramon CA Employees working are doing their best for the most part, but store is understaffed.
Sandiego (Store # 6634)CA You cant find better costumer service ANYWHERE FROM ASSOITATES TO MANAGERS THIS STORE ROCKS
Santa Ana (Store # 606)CA This tsore has the best employees of any HD I shop at. The paint department guys actually know what
Santa Rosa (Store # 1379)CA The people in this store actually seem sincere when dealing with customers
Santa Rosa CA Knowledgable staff, helpful, organized, polite. Pretty much always have what I'm looking for.
Signal Hill (Store # 0648)CA It is one of the best store in customer services i have ever been too
Simi Valley (Store # 6640)CA Best Flooring Dept.
Simi Valley (Store # 6640)CA Great lot associates, and are very under-appreciated.
Simi Valley (Store # 6640)CA N/A
Simi Valley (Store # 6640)CA Enrique in the garden Dept. was sooo helpful I went in there with a sicken leaf, that he found meds4
Surrey (Store # 7044)CA N/A
Torrance (Store # 0618)CA People who hate our store ,still love us everyday!
Turlock (Store # 1001)CA Yeah there the best by far
Turlock (Store # 1001)CA Turlock is the best, if you mess with them you will die like the rest
Ukiah CA N/A
Van Nuys (Store # 6661)CA The department supervisors should be paid alot more money!
Van Nuys (Store # 6661)CA This store needs to pay it's dh's more money! They run the store!
Van Nuys (Store # 6661)CA The department supervisor for dept. 26 has the best ass!
Van Nuys (Store # 6661)CA Garden dep. great people and good customer services.. and one of the best,clean,
Van Nuys CA Most definately has the hottest dh in the company running D26!
Visalia (Store # 6615)CA Awesome Paint dept.
Whatever CA This is a test
Windsor (Store # 6667)CA I have seen alot of stores and this one is well organized and has helpful employees
Windsor (Store # 6667)CA The service is good, but 1 employee is literally a "door knob".
Woodland Hills (Store # 6632)CA Geo was the best employee in the store that help me
Yubacity (Store # 1019)CA The flooring dept is #1 i have been to alot of homedepots but they seem to have it right.
Yucca Valley (Store # 6971)CA This store has come a long way they have had bad management. they are doing the beast they can
Yucca Valley CA This is the gem of HDs. Incredibly helpful people and can always find someone to talk to.
Aurora CO N/A
Brighton (Store # 1547)CO Lumber Dept is Top Notch.
Broomfield (Store # 1524)CO Garden crew rocks and helps customers out.TREAT the EMPLOYEES with RESPECT.
Colorado Springs (Store # 1504)CO The young lady Samantha who works at the paint desk is wonderful, helpful and smart.
Colorado Springs CO People always assist me. Met the store manager once in the aisle, she was very helpful.
Denver (Store # 1520)CO Best store in the state, always friendly people willing to help with anything anywhere in the store.
Denver (Store # 1532)CO Great service, and knowlegeable associates
Durango CO Sherry Lynn-kitchen designe helped with appliances-amazing knowledge-should be commended
Greenwood Village CO VERY helpful employees. Checkout fast. Phones answered quickly. Returns fast. Store clean.
Longmont (Store # 1521)CO Sakjfhlaskhgflksdlgksdlhlkdfflkjdflkjsdfa
Longmont (Store # 1521)CO The Pro desk is amazing, friendly and took care of my order without any problems
Louisville CO Absolute pros at the pro desk , electrical guy Pat should be CEO.
Loveland (Store # 1529)CO The managers in that store are awesome!! very helpful and understanding. Love this store!
Pueblo CO Pro desk is always helpful and knows what there talking about especailly Dan always the best
All HD CQ The whole company sucks. There is not a good HD anymore!! THe whole company sucks
Danbury (Store # 6209)CT I found the decor dept workers well versed when I needed to place an order for custom shades.
East Haven CT New Store. Well organized. Great employees and management team really care about the customer
Fairfield CT Nice store. friendly, helpful associates.
Glastonbury CT Friendly/knowledgeable employees and a store manager who seems to actually care about his customers.
Glastonbury (Store # 6220)CT Very Clean and people go out of their way to make sure its an enjoyable experience
Lisbon (Store # 6221)CT Lisbon Home Depot is well organized and has knowledgable associates.
North Windham (Store # 6230)CT Many helpful associates, Clean environment, well organized, quiet
Waterford (Store # 6215)CT Cashiers are great! Store Manager...IDIOT!!!
Watertown CT N/A
West Hartford (Store # 6210)CT New managers making a big change in service
Willimantic (Store # 06226)CT Homo depot store 6230 in north windham one of the worst stores u should take it of this list
Newark (Store # 1603)DE Associates at Store#1603- Glasgow are the BEST OF THE BEST in the company!!!!
Wilmington (Store # 8440)DE Pride passion performance delaware\'s best customer service Home Depot
Apopka FL The store is always clean and exciting to shop in
Casselberry (Store # 0262)FL People are not only helpful but pretty awesome.
Daytona Beach (Store # 0233)FL When it came to making a big investment, Dennis was extremely helpful with my appliance purchase.
Delray Beach (Store # 6325)FL You can always find an orange apron...even the store manager will cut a key for you if need be.
Fort Lauderdale (Store # 6372)FL Door greeter & employees offer their help! Serves large gay community. I call the store \"
Hollywood FL Robert in tool rental knows his stuff helped me out alot
Jacksonville (Store # 6365)FL This store is always very clean and organized. Everyone is very friendly and helpful.
Jacksonville (Store # 226)FL Old store, but has some great employees. The two managers \'George Lucas\' and \'Mr. Clean\'
Jupiter (Store # 0274)FL Store is excellent, clean aisles, great people, the manager Brad needs to go!
Jupiter (Store # 0274)FL This store is the highest volume store in the district, they sre coool!
Kendall (Store # 6339)FL This store just to suck but now is on the right track keep it up - Home Depot is coming back !!!!
Key West (Store # 6313)FL Best THD I have ever been into. Blows the Marathon Store out of the water!
Kissimmee FL Jennifer in window dept. is very helpful and knowlegable
Kissimmee (Store # 6851)FL This store is by far the best in customr service and having things available.
Lake Mary FL You have the best appliance installers they are great, friendly and courteous. Thank you.
Lake Worth FL Lakeworth store is clean and the employees are very friendly. I would like to say that the little c
Lake Worth (Store # 0205)FL Best management&supervisor team. Needs to teach rest of company how you can work as a team
Lakeland (Store # 6324)FL The associates try their best to help you.
Lakepark (Store # 0220)FL This store is full of people that can help you and smile and the store is pretty clean
Marathon FL N/A
Miami (Store # 6339)FL The new store manager is really changing things around big difference from before
Miami (Store # 0251)FL Store 251 hires minorities
Middleburg FL Clean store, helpful associates. Great experience.
New Smyrna Beach (Store # 6936)FL Awesome employees- great management team,very new store too.
New Symrna Beach (Store # 6936)FL N/A
North Melbourne FL New store, new people, always in good mood - must have teriffic management.
North Port FL This HD is super kid-friendly - always giving out balloons & stickers, hosts great workshops,
Ocala FL N/A
Orange Park (Store # 0275)FL This is one of the best Home Depots. Everyone cares, down to the cashiers and lot people...Thanks.
Orlando (Store # 6328)FL This Home Depot Rocks!! You guys are GREAT!
Orlando (Store # 6349)FL Most of the employees are nice and helpful and the new store manager is making some positive changes
Orlando (Store # 6869)FL Best garden dept organized knowledgeable associates and great garden manager..she helps us
Oviedo (Store # 0287)FL Garden department has the most knowledgeable staff when it comes to lawn and garden power tools
Oviedo (Store # 0287)FL Brian in Garden is very knowledgeable
Oviedo (Store # 0287)FL Mike who helps you load your stuff is great; always smiling and ready to help out!!!
Palatka FL This store kicks butt!!! Clean aisles and very freindly associates. Great garden center
Palm Bay FL Very polite well take time to help you great store
Palm Harbor FL Employees friendly mary ann, in appliances top 5 in the nation she's the greatest!!!
Palm Harbor (Store # 247)FL The employees are very helpful and if one doesn\'t have the answer they\'ll find someone who wil
Panama City FL N/A
Pensacola (Store # 6853)FL Beautiful new store and great help.. best garden department around.
Pinellas Park (Store # 0289)FL Jason in the paint department is very knowledgeable and is a good trainer
Pompano Beach (Store # 0208)FL The store looks great, the aisles are clean and uncluttered
Port Orange FL ALWAYS clean and welcoming - good service
Port Orange (Store # 6335)FL This store is the worst cant find anyone to help
Port Orange (Store # 6335)FL Not so any more this was a good store now morons are runing it
Port St. Lucie (Store # 6376)FL Employees are courteous, David in electrical is a true asset, and is a real professional.
Ruskin (Store # 6951)FL Store is clean and the employee's are nice to the older customers. Susan K is nice
Saint Cloud (Store # 6350)FL Craig the flooring supervisor is the man. He is very knowledgable and helpful. Go HD.
Sebring (Store # 6340)FL Cleanest in florida, top of the VOC, st. Mgr took pay cut to keep us over hours...
Seminole (Store # 6304)FL Wounderful place to shop knowlagble people plenty of help and nice to
St. Augsutine FL Always a pleasure to shop in the St. Aug store. Employees and mgrs very responsive
St. Augustine FL Great Store Headed Wrong way. Lots of great employees. Home Depot just fired top notch Store Manager
St. Petersburg (Store # 6364)FL The kitchen designers at the Tyrone store rock!
Sunrise (Store # 6329)FL I had a problem with an install store manager George took care of everthing thanks
Sunrise (Store # 0258)FL St Mgr Janice, awesome in customer service! This isn't just coming from me, but her employees too.
Tampa (Store # 6327)FL Best DAMN store in the city of Tampa, fucked up layout?
Tampa FL I love this store. The staff is very helpful n nice, the store is clean, n nicely organized.
Tampa (Store # 0243)FL Great manager steve ardent very helpful and i had no money for atree this year gave us kids tree
Yulee FL Very clean, organized store. Friendly, knowledgeable associates.
Albany (Store # 0155)GA The cashiers are really hot and super nice. The associates are really helpful and nice.
ALPHARETTA (Store # 0149)GA Great store from guys loading your car all the way up through management
Augusta (Store # 0119)GA Greatly improved shopping experience!
Bainbridge (Store # 6959)GA N/A
Brookwood (Store # 6978)GA Great help all through the store! Best home depot ive ever been too, and i am a lowes fan.
Calhoun (Store # 8924)GA Great store, always clean and very helpful people working there. great cashiers.
Cedartown GA Great store! I am always taken care of and enjoy my time there.
Cedartown GA Great store! I am always taken care of and enjoy my time there.
Corporate HQ GA Calling the complaint line 1-800-553-3199 got good service
Dahlonega (Store # 6980)GA Very nice and clean store. well lit always able to find help great store!
Dahlonega (Store # 6980)GA Great store, great workers, very clean and always find what im looking for.
Dawsonville (Store # 0174)GA Cause we had a playmate when playboy did the woman of Home Depot and she hooked us up
Dawsonville GA N/A
Evens GA Great store. Helpful people. Clean.
Marietta (Store # 0111)GA Best and bigest store in south east / best customers,employee and best manager.
Marietta (Store # 0111)GA Really clean and good ran store.
McDonough (Store # 0157)GA Great garden department! Thanks Kelli & Brian!!!
McDonough (Store # 0157)GA Most of their people care. I will never go back to Marrow!
Pooler (Store # 0179)GA Pooler store is great!
Pooler (Store # 0179)GA Customer service desk is great! their people really care!
Savannah (Store # 0170)GA Garden Dept is great.
Watkinsville GA The gentleman assisting actually had professional experience in those fields. What a concept!
Winder (Store # 6979)GA Good companies scouting good employees--they might want to check out these employees.
Tamuning (Store # 1710)GU Have the hardest working MET Team with only 10 MEA\'s on board!
Kailua-kona (Store # 1704)HI Store is the best always in-stock
Kapolei (Store # 1706)HI Genuine staff, very helpful. All work very hard to help the customer.
Ankeny IA This store is clean and you can always find someone that knows what they are doing
Ankeny (Store # 2107)IA The absolute greatest customer service there could be from a Home Depot.
Council Bluffs (Store # 2109)IA New managers were very helpful and the store is clean.
West Des Moines (Store # 2103)IA Very well ran, clean and in stock. Good service and organization. I recommend
Boise (Store # 1806)ID Store is getting better, knowledgeable associates helpful
Coeur D Alene (Store # 1803)ID They have a guy in electrical that was once a real electrican way to go!
Twin Falls (Store # 1805)ID People are always willing to help and be of service.Isles are most always clean and available.
1940 (Store # 1940)IL Algonquin store rocks!
Alsip (Store # 6822)IL Flooring specialist is very young and in tune with what the customer wants. very friendly and smart!
Bolingbrook (Store # 1939)IL Fred is great in Garden. Know the garden department like the back of his Hand
Broadview IL N/A
Champaign (Store # 1984)IL This store is on the up clean and associates are very helpful
Champaign (Store # 1984)IL Some of the hottest girls lida and corrine your my favorit
Champaign (Store # 1984)IL They got hot black girls
Champaign Il (Store # 1984)IL Got some fine black girls
Chicago (Store # 1986)IL Small but great service. Meant to be for contractors!
Chicago (Store # 1903)IL The Brickyard Home Depot has made a complete turn around the associates keep a clean
Chicago (Store # 8598)IL Much better than it used to be. Cleaner, friendlier. Radu in Electrics is good. John in Bath is
Cicero (Store # 1911)IL Store Manager "Izzy" has his store motivated and has brought a breath of fresh air!
Collinsville (Store # 6961)IL Michelle, a head cashier, very knowledgeable and helpful in many depts. My money's there to stay.
Crystal Lake (Store # 1920)IL Excellent service, a managered followed up and solved an order problem, clean store
Elgin (Store # 1934)IL Keith in the garden department is very knowledgable
Elgin (Store # 1934)IL This store is really living the change to come back to the old helpful home depot. They are the best
Frankfort (Store # 6919)IL BEST Home Depot Ever
Glenview (Store # 1987)IL The paint department at this store is the best around. Ask for Vic. He'll take care of you.
Gurnee (Store # 1922)IL Roly rocks
Homewood IL Store is great! Much cleaner and more organized. employees are always asking if they can help you!
Jacksonville (Store # 8430)IL Best customer service in town. Everone willing to help. Good Pro Desk and Lumber Dept.
Machesney Park (Store # 1956)IL The best service,clean and knowledgable staff.Great Job!!
Machesney Park (Store # 1956)IL N/A
Machesney Park (Store # 1956)IL The BEST store!!!!
Machesney Park (Store # 1956)IL Great store the New store manager has done wonders
Mattoon (Store # 1967)IL Immaculate. Props to the employess at this rural store.
McHenry (Store # 1969)IL McHenry Home Depot Kicks Ass. Bunch a' Bad Muther Fuckers!
McHenry (Store # 1969)IL McHenry Home depot always has wonderful associates willing to help me find what I need.
Mount Prospect IL Pretty decent staff, good inventory, nice and clean.
Niles (Store # 1907)IL Chicago's 1st and smallest store with most knowledgeable employees and managers.
Niles (Store # 1907)IL Even though they are under staffed, all of the employees try so hard to take care of every customer!
Normal (Store # 6987)IL Just opened a month ago. The newer stores have the best set up. This store is clean and great.
Orland Park (Store # 1906)IL Liz at special services is awesome!
Quincy (Store # 1915)IL A great new and old staff working together to help every1 not only the customers but others stores2
Vernon Hills (Store # 1938)IL Glenn works the service desk helping out with all your needs..... Ask for him he does a great job!!!
Vernon Hills (Store # 1938)IL Vernon hills home depot 1938 the HILL is amazing the lot attendant charles is the best
Vernon Hills (Store # 1938)IL Borneo in lumber is very helpful when i go there he s my guy always helpful don t ever let him go
Volo (Store # 1944)IL Friendliest and most knowledgable employees I have ever met. Store is clean and well stocked.
Volo (Store # 1944)IL Can\'t say much about Mgrs, but the employees make sure the store remains clean and uncluttered
Volo (Store # 1944)IL Best HD in the area, great service and the team there is always willing to do anything for you.
Crawfordsville (Store # 8918)IN Great store, always clean and employees are very helpful
Evansville 2003 (Store # 2003)IN Best home depot ive ever been in great job!!!
Fort Wayne (Store # 2009)IN Contractor Services Desk was once very well run while Neil and Jeff were there. sorry to c em go.
Greenwood (Store # 2019)IN Great people always really nice. Go out of their way to help you
Indianapolis (Store # 2018)IN Great Staff!!! Clean & Organized!!!
Indianapolis (Store # 2018)IN Great Store
Indianapolis (Store # 2014)IN Finally have master plumber and electrical guys...go when they work (6am to 3pm)...I think
Lafayette IN Always find help and store is always clean.
Logansport (Store # 2023)IN I love this store, always clean and safe! Nothing like the pics on home page.
New Albany (Store # 2016)IN We have great associates and even greater customers.
Schererville (Store # 1937)IN The only home improvement store I shop at I always find helpful employees.
Schererville (Store # 1937)IN Valarie in flooring helped us with our kitchen, came out beautiful!!!
Shererville (Store # 1937)IN The employess in this store are very helpful. I find the store clean and shoppable.
Garden City KS Regina in the Garden Center is really nice
Hutchinson (Store # 2214)KS Yeah hutchinson kansas is getting better...lets hear from hutch
Lawrence (Store # 2211)KS This store is great. Clean and friendly!
Lawrence KS Service desk went out of the way to help me. Manager up there is great. New customer for life.
Leavenworth (Store # 2216)KS Great employees, clean & organized, best Home depot store I've ever been to
Manhattan KS Everything is always done right at this store. They are good.
Merriam (Store # 2202)KS The store is always clean and MOST associates have knowledge about the department that they work in.
Overland Park (Store # 2209)KS Dusty at the special service desk is the best employee in the company.
Overland Park (Store # 2203)KS N/A
Overland Park (Store # 2209)KS Gary in Lumber is the hottest, sexiest, older man I've ever seen.
Overland Park (Store # 2209)KS Debby B- phone center is certain to help you with what you need!
Pittsburg KS Clean store, in stock, and peggy lyn and crystal rock!!
Shawnee (Store # 2213)KS This is a great store. usually clean,instock, and most employees know what they are talking about
Cold Spring (Store # 2323)KY Check out this store, instead of wasting your time with a useless website
Cold Spring (Store # 2323)KY If you think that store 3832 is good well you will think that 2323 is the greatest!!
Cold Spring (Store # 2323)KY Cold Spring is super clean. All the employees are Super nice.
Cold Spring (Store # 2323)KY Management is great, store is super clean, We have a great time at Cold Spring. The BEST
Crescent Springs (Store # 2324)KY This store fucking rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Elizabethtown (Store # 2316)KY This store really sucks! i wouldnt dhop there
Flrence (Store # 2306)KY Expeditor is very nice. Even loaned me money to buy my wife and necklace for valentines day!!!
Lexington KY Turfland Mall store is always very clean and in-stock.
Lexington (Store # 2303)KY Department Supervisors at this store are much more knowledgeable than the ones across town at #2315.
Lexington KY Nice store and helpful people, quite different from richmond rd. waste of time store
Louisville (Store # 2301)KY Roger at 2301 pro is an awesome employee.The rest of the store is aweful.Management stinks.
Louisville (Store # 2301)KY At this time the manager of this store seem to know what he is doing?
Louisville (Store # 2313)KY The master elctrician (Jim) was an expert! Pleasant while helpful and assertive with the material.
Owensboro (Store # 2317)KY N/A
Paducah (Store # 2314)KY The cashiers in this store are great. well trained and very friendly
Baton Rouge LA Coursey store.....love that self check out, no cashier on cell phone (like the other two stores)
Broussars LA Linda from flooring really seemed to know what she was doing.
Broussars LA Linda from flooring really seemed to know what she was doing.
Covington LA Awesome store
Covington LA The best home depot in the country
Denham Springs (Store # 0375)LA Very clean and organized store. well run in spite of corporate mistakes
Kenner LA Older man in appliances knows his stuff and seems to be very honest and truthful
Lake Charles LA All associates I dealt with were extremely nice and helpful
Lake Charles LA If you need help in this store, go to Casey in lumber. He knows EVERYTHING!So helpful!
LaPlace (Store # 0378)LA N/A
Laplace LA I see there is nothing good to say about the Laplace store!!!!!!!!!!!!
New Orleans (Store # 0348)LA The Gentilly Store staff is terrific!!!
New Orleans LA Harahan--love this store-allways helpful and clean and thank goodness the same management
OPELOUSAS (Store # 0379)LA N/A
Pines Rd Shreveport LA Mgr and another guy loaded me.I like the plant lady and an older man who cut our keys.
Slidell LA Helpful, but to few associates on the floor.
W. Shreveport (Store # 0381)LA The best HD in the 4 state area.The people care, the stmgr, Jack is a great. They are always clean.
Zachary (Store # 0380)LA Zachary is the BEST HomeDepot Out There!!!
Burlington (Store # 2604)MA Staff very helpful especially the in stock bath showroom.
Everett (Store # 2688)MA Store suck but they have the best rental center in the area.
Hadley (Store # 8452)MA The best store ever
Leominster (Store # 2676)MA After the big remodel the store went through, everything flows much better in the store.
Mansfield (Store # 2609)MA Always, ALWAYS, a smart associate in the flooring dept.
Mansfield MA Great employees well stocked always
Mansfield (Store # 2609)MA Great customer service, clean and shoppable. Awesome store!
Mansfield (Store # 2609)MA Always helpful Electrical is the best
Mansfields MA N/A
Norwood (Store # 2681)MA N/A
Norwood (Store # 2681)MA Randy and mark- last 2 mgrs. assholes. randy thief and womanizer
Norwood MA N/A
Pittsfield (Store # 2683)MA Good management and casheirs
Pittsfield (Store # 2683)MA Pro Desk only place to get help. Great staff. Same people for years.
Pittsfield MA Paint Dept is great they are very good at what they do.Employee that helped me had 20yrs in paint.
Reading (Store # 2614)MA N/A
Rockland (Store # 2650)MA That place is looking better every day. The associates seem loke they enjoy their jobs again.
Salem MA Great people and a clean uncluttered store lines were a little long but it was the weekend
Taunton (Store # 2677)MA I went to buy lumber not knowing what i was doing but the people there walked me through it
Taunton (Store # 2677)MA Address
Wareham (Store # 2613)MA The Sale associates are very helpful. Not like sLOWES!!
Wareham (Store # 2613)MA Are they closing down this store ?
West Roxbury MA Always Well stocked never run out. Great employees
West Roxbury (Store # 2665)MA One of the best stores that i have visited in some time. used to go to sLOWE\'S but now, only THD
Wilbraham MA Great clean store, very helpful, fantastic employees and managment, esspecially in flooring
Winnipeg (Store # 7180)MB The management team is the best
Winnipeg (Store # 7180)MB The Garden City store is great - looks good and Mike, Tia, Cindy, Brent know what they are doing
Winnipeg (Store # 7180)MB Garden City Store staff always helpful and smiling (must be a terrific work environment).
Winnipeg (Store # 7057)MB Great install-someone from HD came to make sure everything went great.Thx to Brenda,Jason&Melanie
Winnipeg (Store # 7180)MB Me and a few guys work our asses off , thats gotta be worth somthing
Winnipeg, Canada MB Polo Park..HD Contractor Deck staff very knowledgable, helpful, and friendly
Winnipeg, Canada (Store # 7057)MB Polo Park..HD Contractor Deck staff very knowledgable, helpful, and friendly
Annapolis (Store # 2589)MD Outside lumber cashier was great very helpful
Annapolis (Store # 2557)MD Had a manager named Shane help me, answered all my questions in several departments.
Annapolis (Store # 2557)MD Something new is happening. the store is clean and the employees are very helpful.
Aspen Hill (Store # 2558)MD Great store!
Baltimore (Store # 2507)MD Worst Home Depot Ever!Managers are disrespectful!! The \"supervisiors\" are ghetto &
Bel Air (Store # 2506)MD Joe Bannon in the Kitchens at our store is a great manager.
Berlin (Store # 2578)MD Electrical department Sunday and Monday best time to ask for assistance for all trades
Edgewood (Store # 2576)MD Mgrs care about assocs- Key,Steve,Mike,&Amiee=GREAT! Coworkers are awesome. Clean store & very fun
Eldersburg (Store # 2581)MD Very helpful and friendly associates
Frederick MD N/A
Gaithersburg MD Store is dirty, messy shelves, small parking lot. Good part is there are other better run HD\'s ne
Hagerstown MD The store is very trashy and dangerous, oh and good luck getting help.
Hagerstown (Store # 2567)MD Store Manager AJ is awesome. He is the best manager the store has ever seen
Parkville MD N/A
Parkville (Store # 2577)MD I\'m sorry but Matt Murray was an ASSHOLE who thinks he\'s better than everyone around him!!!
Parkville Store 2577 (Store # 2577)MD Our manager Matt M was great he just did'nt get support from above. He left for Best Buy!!!
Rockville MD N/A
Sailsbury MD Much more helpful workers than the Lowes accross the street
Salisbury MD N/A
Sykesville MD This store manager runs an outstanding operation. Clean store, friendly helpful employees.
Timonium (Store # 2565)MD The Doors Guys were great, even when my order was screwed up, The supervisor really helped THX Dale
Timonium (Store # 2565)MD I have shopped at many HD locations but i have never met a store manager (Chris Gibson). OUTSTANDING
Upper Marlboro (Store # 8550)MD N/A
Upper Marlboro MD Address
Upper Marlboro (Store # 8550)MD Excellent store !!! Linda Windsor in Home Services was extremely helpful.
Westminster MD Erin,employee there wil go ouy of her way to help you. She will call you back with needed informatio
Westminster (Store # 2580)MD John in kitchen was a condesending ass. he has no buisness in sales
White Marsh (Store # 2502)MD Jess 1 of the most knowledgeable mgrs ive ever met i cant wait 2 c her bcm a sm she dsrvs it
Bangor (Store # 2402)ME Genuine staff, very helpful. All work very hard to help the customer. [Employee]
South Portland (Store # 2406)ME By far the cleanest and best store.They have Greaters!
South Portland (Store # 2406)ME Awesome electrical knowledge from a a Master Electrical Specialist
Allen Park (Store # 6821)MI Great store , a bit on the small side but always clean and instock
Allen Park (Store # 6821)MI Great service! Nice people and a store that is always clean.
Alpena MI Clean Store and helpful people,Great Hardware Department.
Ann Arbor (Store # 2721)MI This store has the best customer service of any others in the region.
Brighton (Store # 2724)MI Our store has amazing employees that work hard to meet customer needs.
Chsterfield (Store # 2734)MI N/A
Coldwater (Store # 2766)MI N/A
Dearborn Heights (Store # 2710)MI The get what i want when i want and have been there since i first bought my houes!!!!!
Dearborn Hts (Store # 2710)MI Great staff thay have helped me out alot
Dearborn Hts. (Store # 2710)MI This store is the best,jeremy in kitchen and bath is awesome.....THANK YOU
Fenton (Store # 2741)MI Best store in 7 years of working for HD.
Flint (Store # 2716)MI Great service, and awesome customers ;)
Fort Gratiot MI Great customer service!
Grand Haven (Store # 2780)MI Very nice store... helpful people... fast checkout always. Muskegon sucks.
Grand Rapids (Store #2715) (Store # 2715)MI Glad to hear it is Closing Soon ! R.I.P.
Kansas MI N/A
Macomb (Store # 2776)MI Great ASM and pretty cool dept heads. SHITTY customers only bad part
Muskegon MI Muskegon does suck!! I agree, go to Grand Haven. RJ has very poor people skills. Poor service
Northville (Store # 2704)MI Been here almost 12 years. While it has its problems, as all stores do, overall, presenly well run!
Novi (Store # 2737)MI This store is in good looking condition and all the associates seem to be quite friendly!
Novi (Store # 2737)MI Great service. Wear a helmet.
Okemos (Store # 2723)MI Taking care of your people, THE BIGGEST PIECE OF SHIT I HAVE EVER HEARD. THINK About it
Owosso (Store # 2772)MI Helpful associates & they always have what I need. The Store Manager even knows me by name.
Plymouth (Store # 2762)MI Hardest working freight team in the company. Every product is always full.
Plymouth MI (ok, so this is where I praise them) Clean store, very helpful employees ..... always a pleasure.
Plymouth (Store # 2762)MI Associates always helpful, store is clean and in good shape, loaders that know what they're doing!
Portage (Store # 2728)MI Staff is genuinely helpful, courteous and fun. Too bad Joel in kitchens left, he was awesome!
Roseville (Store # 2707)MI Great store, great employees, best run Home Depot in the company - manager will probably leave
Sterling Heights (Store # 2740)MI Very clean store with helpful staff.
Traverse City (Store # 2726)MI The castle, this store is always up to snuff. employees are always helpful and always say hi!
Utica (Store # 2708)MI The new store manager is outstanding. He really cares about his customers and associates
West Branch MI I appreciate the pro desk and flooring associates HOWEVER, some management needs c.s. lessons !
Bemidji (Store # 2830)MN We love your customers, know them by name, forfill there home owning dreams.
Brooklyn Park (Store # 2804)MN All about the customer!! Excellent service, high-quality, in-stock products, and clean!!
Burnsville (Store # 2809)MN Great service from mike s whom helped me with my project with suggestions and professionalism.
Chaska (Store # 2825)MN Store is nice and clean
Coon Rapids (Store # 2803)MN Perry in hardware and Tom the manager went above my expectations to help me out! They are Awesome!!
Duluth MN The employees are generally very helpful, professional & knowledgeable staff.
Eden Prairie MN Store is clean and well stocked. Employees are helpful.
Elk River (Store # 2821)MN The store is always clean when I shop, and theres always some there to help me find what I need
Elk River (Store # 2821)MN Everyone is very helpful. Clean store
Fergus Falls (Store # 2831)MN Nice clean store, Great Expeditor. She is a very helpful lady and willing to go the extra mile.
Fridley (Store # 2802)MN Awesome store, very nice people
Grand Rapids (Store # 2834)MN N/A
Grand Rapids (Store # 2834)MN The store is clean I try to help as many people as i can.
Maple Grove (Store # 2844)MN This store is the cleanest and brightest store in the Twin Cities. Great store!
Maplewood (Store # 2801)MN I went to the store and they were very helpful at the customer service desk and the Kitchen dept.
Monticello (Store # 2840)MN Awesome experiences, if you have a problem there is a great manager named Jeff!
Mpls (Store # 2806)MN The manager in this store is a a real phony , he really is a mean person.
Rochester (Store # 2826)MN Great place to shop, everyone is very knowledgeable.Derrick in lumber is the man with building ??'s
St Louis Park (Store # 2806)MN Nice workers, store neat and well stocked
St. Louis Park (Store # 2806)MN Grenelda Thermer in lighting must have been a hottie about 80 years ago.
Waite Park (Store # 2811)MN Very clean. Lighting department is super, staff tries to help. Anyway. Nice store
WAITE PARK MN Very helpful, had to order owner's manual for mower recieved quickly in the mail. GREAT SERVICE.
Willmar MN Managers are not \"kids\" and very competent and very helpful I hope menards goes out of
Brentwood (Store # 3002)MO Generally the best service I have received in the St. Louis area.
Columbia (Store # 3001)MO The head cashiers, cashiers, service desk, and lot associates rock!!
Cottleville (Store # 3022)MO This store always has knowledgeable associates in each department.
Cottleville (Store # 3022)MO Associates are exceptional. Store is always clean. HR Manager is a P-I-G PIG!
Cottleville (Store # 3022)MO Great Delivery Department at this store, I get orders at least three times a month delivered
Cottleville (Store # 3022)MO Nicest store I\'ve ever been to! Everyone is so helpful!
Independence MO 4210 s lee's summit rd is harboring rapists they raped roszena michelle lewis
Independence MO They had an employee we think is hiv positive have sex with roszena lewis
Independence MO Roszena lewis was not suppose to be in that store she never went for training
Kansas City (Store # 3021)MO This store is probably the funnest. AND you know your safe cause the police are always there!
O'Fallon (Store # 3015)MO Everyone is very helpful & pleasant. Clean store
Poplar Bluff (Store # 3033)MO Good enviroment nice employees very knowledable
Springfield (Store # 3012)MO Everyone at my home depot is very nice and helpful. i am always happy when i leave.
St. Charles MO N/A
St. Joseph (Store # 8984)MO N/A
St. Louis (Store # 3011)MO N/A
St. Peters (Store # 3022)MO Helpful employees! Clean store!
Gulfport (Store # 2901)MS Best staff I have ever seen
Hattiesburg (Store # 2905)MS Store Mgr Very Negative, Dept Mngrs All too young and lazy. Will only promote friends of store mgr.
Oxford (Store # 2914)MS Most associates are well knowledged in their areas and management is well-rounded!
Oxford (Store # 2914)MS Fast eddie tool rental fix it guy fixed my nailer for me while i had theirs rented.
Tupelo (Store # 2906)MS This store is always fresh and clean- customer service is excellent--associates are very helful
Waveland (Store # 2918)MS Best Store in the South
Helena (Store # 3106)MT Great store, and they have a real plumber and and electrician working there.
Fredericton (Store # 7233)NB Great Service and a guy named Don -in Hardware he is super !!
Fredericton (Store # 7233)NB Store has good spirit and Don in hardware is real helpful and know what he is talking about
Asheville NC I didn\'t know there was a \'good\' Home Depot these days!
Cary NC I love this store; Employees are helpful and everything is neat....
Charlotte (Store # 3608)NC People very knowledgeable. Lew in Paint is great!. Store very neat, shoppable
Charlotte (Store # 3640)NC N/A
Durham (Store # 3632)NC Crystal at special services rocks! Associates are friendly and very helpful.
Fuquay-Varina (Store # 3652)NC Store is tidy, clean, with a knowledgeable, helpful store staff. The Tool Rental Dept is AWESOME!
Garner NC John M,the SM is awesome!His attitude alone increased the customer service in the \"ghetto\&q
Hickory NC Very neat and tidy. Associates are very willing to help you.
Shallotte (Store # 3648)NC Store Management is awsome there, like to have fun, and customer service is excellent.
Shallotte (Store # 3648)NC Always greeted by smiling friendly assoc. who actually enjoy their jobs & help in the community
Shallotte (Store # 3648)NC Improved 1,000% since old management left. Management greatly benefitted from current associates.
Shallotte (Store # 3648)NC New store manager Jen is great. Store finally all have their act together. I know. I am one of them.
Wilmington (Store # 3629)NC Susan in the Garden Dept. is the most knowledgable associate I have ever met.
Winston Salem (Store # 3641)NC N/A
Winston-salem (Store # 3610)NC Store is clean and got helpfull staff.
Fargo ND Friendly, helpful employees even assisted with loading heavy items. Clean store, too.
North Lincoln (Store # 3209)NE The only good The Home Depot is a closed The Home Depot.
Omaha (Store # 3202)NE Nice
Omaha (Store # 3203)NE A young woman in the dishwasher department helped me a ton. Keep up the good work!
Omaha (Store # 3202)NE Clean, knowledgeable (even long term assoc). great kitchen and plumbing dept
Omaha (Store # 3203)NE This HD store usually provides fairly good service...friendly cashiers and prodesk associates...
Omaha (Store # 3202)NE DUMBEST PEOPLE EVER
Papillion (Store # 3206)NE The cashiers are amazing, they knew where everything in the store was! Ed in Garden is also great.
Claremont (Store # 3408)NH This store is actually clean and we actually are known as the store that actually helps customers.
Claremont NH N/A
Concord (Store # 3485)NH N/A
Concord (Store # 3485)NH Very very very bad if you call by phone.. they wont help you at all
Londonderry (Store # 3401)NH Moral is up the new Store Manager is getting rid of the shitty employee's
Londonderry (Store # 3480)NH Store manager shipped off to 3482... our gain, their loss. he is arrogant twit.
Manchester NH N/A
Rochester NH The garden staff are very nice and know what there talking about jeff sara and jim
Rochester NH Rochester Nh is the bestihave seen i the plants in the look so nice sara very helpful pleasant.
Rochester NH There is an associate in millwork, young guy, shaved head. really knows his stuff. top notch
Rochester (Store # 3485)NH They suck! Greg Hayes is a bad HR manager. Plus he takes it up the ass!
Somersworth (Store # 8931)NH People in lumber department are helpful... RANDY spent over an hour with me planning my deck
West Lebanon (Store # 3406)NH Fantastic management team - short on cashiers but they are all friendly!
West Lebanon (Store # 3406)NH Great Staff Kitchen,Appliance and Flooring staff. I Love my new Kitchen thanks Big Guy!
West Lebanon (Store # 3406)NH I had a kitchen done last month and I was impressed by how professional, I love home depot!
West Lebanon (Store # 3406)NH I had my kitchen done and I have to say that Jim is the best! GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE BUDDY!
Bound Brook (Store # 0947)NJ Cause I work there as a Kitchen Designer
Bridgewater (Store # 0947)NJ A little understaffed but atleast the managers aren't uptight and have a sense of humor
Bridgewater (Store # 0962)NJ Store to work at assosiates are friendly
Bridgewater II NJ Best Garden Center of all stores!
Capemay (Store # 0943)NJ Salespeople helpful pleasent professional
Delran (Store # 0970)NJ Dave the Assistant Manager there is a hottie.
Delran (Store # 0970)NJ Delran store rocks. Their softball team whooped on 917 lawnside who is terrible. 24 to 21
East Hanover (Store # 901)NJ Old store but best in inventory on hand and employee knowege,,great delivery dept..work to get produ
East Windsor (Store # 0982)NJ There are several "good" employees here, George, Phil, Sherrie to name a few.
East Windsor NJ Steve Marshall is the best..YAY..cool, helpful and knowledgable!!!
Garwood (Store # 6903)NJ The garwood nj store rocks,especially the kitchen dept and it's associates!!!!
Garwood (Store # 6903)NJ The garden dept is run by maria, who really knows her stuff, better then anyone
Garwood (Store # 6903)NJ I think my home depot and some of the employes are cool and funny. some are lazy.
Hazlet (Store # 0926)NJ Great management team, best cashiers in the state!!!
Lawnside (Store # 0917)NJ The service desk supervisor is hot as shit!!
Lawnside (Store # 0917)NJ The store manager, Jeff Picker, keeps the store looking brand new!
Lawnside (Store # 0917)NJ I thought i saw an employee take my coffee i put down and drink it
Lawnside (Store # 0917)NJ Yo the service desk supervisor is hot!!! but she aint got shit on the fes!!!!!!
Lodi (Store # 0932)NJ N/A
Lodi (Store # 0932)NJ Chubby kid named chris is so helpful and sexy
Manahawkin NJ N/A
Milltown (Store # 0918)NJ 0918 deliveries are great thanks for caring guys
Milltown (Store # 0918)NJ This is a very high impact store with people who know there shit
Milltown NJ N/A
Milltown (Store # 0918)NJ The millwork is the heart and sole of the hole store
Milltown (Store # 0918)NJ The millwork is the heart and sole of the hole store
Milltown (Store # 918)NJ We rock here at 918
Monmouth Junction (Store # 6917)NJ Best customer service in any retail establishment i have ever shopped at. Very helpful people
Montville (Store # 0965)NJ Customers come in here and we make fun of them and they get mad and leave.
Neptune (Store # 0949)NJ N/A
Newark NJ Clean and nice sales people
Newton (Store # 0984)NJ Associates are friendly and eager to help.
Passaic (Store # 0950)NJ Please put charlie v back in electrical smart man on floor take him out of pro desk
Passaic (Store # 0950)NJ All assist mrgs should be fired and the mrg all suck
Passaic (Store # 0950)NJ The employees here are to busy wrapping, they won\'t axe you a question.
Paterson (Store # 0959)NJ Horrible
Roxbury NJ N/A
Secaucus (Store # 0910)NJ Store suck ,store manager and Lps and all the MOD THERE MAFIA STILING THEY DONT CARE
Secaucus (Store # 0910)NJ N/A
Secaucus (Store # 0910)NJ I want to ask home depot about homer fund they make a million
Secaucus (Store # 0910)NJ Homer fund fraud
South Plainfield (Store # 0903)NJ The store is one of the best in the New Jersey!!
Succasunna (Store # 0909)NJ Great inventory number .078 management and associates working as a team!!!!!
Totowa (Store # 0922)NJ The hr manager has the best ass in hd history
Washington TWP (Store # 0942)NJ Workers extremely helpful, cashiers amazingly friendly and superbly fast I love 0942!
Washingtownship (Store # 0942)NJ Best store in the New Jersey
West Berlin NJ Clean store with friendly and helpful associates.
West Berlin (Store # 0940)NJ Friendly staff and the management isn't too bad, either.
Westampton (Store # 0939)NJ Steve (manager) and Terri from customer service fixed my carpet problem.
Albuquerque (Store # 00000)NM Great store and russ asm is awesome
Las Cruces (Store # 3505)NM The best in new mexico hands down! Very clean,security :)
Roswell (Store # 3510)NM This store has made vast improvements and paul at the paint desk always has the right answer for me.
Santa Fe (Store # 3503)NM Anthony at the special services department is amazing! This store has made huge improvements!
Halifax (Store # 7126)NS Halifax store has great employees,its a fun store to shop.
Nova Scotia NS N/A
Sydney (Store # 7151)NS Best service everytime and the people are great and best managers.
Henderson (Store # 3302)NV I think this store is the BEST! They have the best customer service. NUMBER 1!
Henderson (Store # 3302)NV I think this store is the BEST! They have the best customer service. NUMBER 1!
Las Vegas (Store # 3315)NV Always clean and has the merchandise I need. Self Check out helped a lot with the lines.
Las Vegas (Store # 3314)NV Great manaagement they accepted a 10% coupon that expired cause i was out of town Great Store !!!
Lasvegas NV They use elevator eyes for hispanic customers while they died taking care of the anglos .
Bellport (Store # 8958)NY Brand new CLEAN store with super friendly and very helpful associates
Bellport (Store # 8958)NY Excellent customer service. always willing to help you out.
Brooklyn (Store # 6152)NY Employees are "off the clock" so they cant help you. Store is filthy / out of stock.
Camillus (Store # 1257)NY There is hope with new management (again)
Camillus (Store # 1257)NY Judy the floor expeditor was great
Camillus (Store # 1257)NY Just canceled a $1200 order at this store because of absolute incompetence of the service desk staff
Cicero (Store # 1235)NY Asm rob is one of the best managers in the area, he'll go out of his way to make you happy
Cicero (Store # 1235)NY GREAT STORE, never had a bad time there, go there any day!
Copiague (Store # 1218)NY We are trying our hardest to do the best for the consumer.
Coram (Store # 1229)NY Electrical was very helpful & knolagble. thanks
Coram (Store # 1229)NY The millwork department is amazing, especially this young guy named Dale. He is very knowledgeable
Deer Park (Store # 1285)NY This store is awesome.all employees are knowledgeable and always ready to help.
East Greenbush NY They cancelled my gift card didnt give a reason told me to call corp,i want my balance!WARNING
East Meadow (Store # 1201)NY The oldest store in NY, but definitally one of the best. It's old looking but good people there.
East Syracuse (Store # 1236)NY Garden employee's are extremely helpful
Fredonia (Store # 6169)NY Store runs 100% w/ new mgmt!! Its clean, assoc are helpful and willing to help if asked
Hempstead NY Not that crowded, relatively clean and organized. Usually have everything in stock.
Henrietta NY Decent store here. Others I've been in are not!
Johnson City (Store # 1224)NY Great store once in a while there is a dumb young girl or cocky young guy but they dont last long
Kingston (Store # 1227)NY Go to Dawn She knows Everything.
Kingston (Store # 1227)NY Go see Dawn she knows everything
Long Island City (Store # 1255)NY Waited 20 min to order 1 gal of paint & 34 min to get my paint-HORRIBLE-lowe\'s here i come! H
Nanuet (Store # 1261)NY N/A
Nanuet (Store # 1261)NY N/A
New York (Store # 6177)NY Working with Nick in window treatments was amazing!
Niagara Falls (Store # 1287)NY Excellent associates, relatively clean. Enjoy shopping there.
Ny (Store # 6177)NY Mgt lets customers talk any way to employees and when you take up for your self there is a problem
Painted Post (Store # 6159)NY Store is always clean and very very helpful associates
Penfield (Store # 1247)NY Great place. Most employees have a great sense of humor. Always helpful. Pleasant place.
Poughkeepsie (Store # 1266)NY I usually shop there only on a tues, thurs or a sat night when the john and dan show are on duty!
Riverhead (Store # 1222)NY D25 kix some serious backside!
Riverhead (Store # 1222)NY A few very pleasant cashiers nice people in flooring and descent management
Riverhead (Store # 1222)NY I think most of the associates work hard at customer service, most of us enjoy people.
Rochester (Store # 1273)NY Best Service desk,i always look for that kid named Mohamed,awsome,personable & exteremly helpful.
Rochester NY Employees need to stay in there Departments
Rochester (Store # 1278)NY N/A
Smithtown (Store # 6167)NY Highly competent and intelligent employees who care about customers. Management....not so much
South Setauket (Store # 1265)NY Store full of hot chick! My crew wont let me go anywhere else!
Staten Island (Store # 1249)NY The Original Beast of The East. Store has made a big comeback under new SM Eric McTeague.
Staten Island South (Store # 1281)NY At this store there are always people who come and help you load your car. then they refuse tip
Syosset (Store # 8466)NY Friendly cashiers, and rarely any lines.
Wappingers Falls (Store # 1207)NY Went from worst to best in the area. New mgmt.???
Watertown (Store # 6174)NY Great store rewired my house and got electrical help from Josh who is an actuall electrician awesome
Watertown (Store # 6174)NY This store is great, everyone is very helpful, and I have never had a bad time there.
Watertown (Store # 6174)NY Store has a few really helpful Associates!
West Nyack (Store # 1217)NY N/A
West Nyack (Store # 1217)NY Craig in Millwork is one of the best employees this HD has. Always helpful and very knowledgable.
West Nyack (Store # 1217)NY Great Store. Really much better than usual.
Akron (Store # 3830)OH This store has completely turned around. Not sure if there is new Management or what but kudos!
Ashland OH N/A
Austintown (Store # 3886)OH Store is always clean. The staff is knowledgable and very friendly.
Avon (Store # 3835)OH This store is very clean with employees that seem to care. whatever your doing keep it up!
Boardman (Store # 3805)OH This store used to be the epitomy of SHITHOLE.new manager and now happier associates
Boardman (Store # 3805)OH Store Changed back to the way it was. No help in lot, Sorry to hear Jason's gone!
Cincinnati (Store # 3832)OH Best looking store in the area ....so the rest of you stores try and keep up! [Employee]
Cincinnati (Store # 3832)OH WOW! What happened to that store? It used to be a pile of shit but now has made a complete 180!
Cincinnati (Store # 3822)OH I\'ve lived on the West side of Cincy all of my life and had become so unhappy with the Home D
Cuyahoa Falls (Store # 3809)OH Most of the employees at this store are what makes it good. Wish they could all be rewarded.
Hilliard (Store # 3872)OH This store is rocks. i am always treated like i am their #1 customer, even if i just spend 4 bucks
Howland (Store # 3808)OH Staff members here are assholes (RON) except the lot associates.
Howland (Store # 3808)OH Fat kid in garden knows his stuff. Even showed me the way in hardware.
Macedonia (Store # 3824)OH N/A
Marysville (Store # 3889)OH Kitchen Designer, Ron is very knowledgeable and helpful, we\'ve purchased our 2nd kitchen from him
Mason (Store # 3813)OH This store is great, understaffed by manager but the staff is friendly and helpful.
Medina OH N/A
Milford (Store # 3844)OH Thisstore isone of the best in the District,come to my store and see how a customer should betreated
Milford OH Great Store, One of the managers Brandon is alway's very helpful.
Milford (Store # 3844)OH The Flooring Department is the best I have ever seen . That guy deserves a gold medallion.
Milford OH Hottest cashiers in town!!!! They're friendly and helpful too!!
Newark OH The store is clean, well stocked and the customer service is 110% all the time.
North Canton OH Absolutely the best appliance professionals I have ever dealt with
Rossford (Store # 3858)OH Cassie in paint is super, Katie is so nice, Jennifer knows everything. Nice assocs.
Rossford (Store # 3858)OH The cashiers r nice n all the paint assoc r helpful service desk assoc know their stuff
Rossford (Store # 3858)OH Best store in the area!the employees are super friendly and attractive.cust service desk is awesome!
Salem (Store # 3877)OH Great store, associates are family. Lori rocks as manager!!!!
Streetsboro (Store # 3859)OH We have a clean,organized,and friendly store. I love working for HD!
Streetsboro (Store # 3859)OH Great store!Clean and people go out of their way to help you!
Streetsboro (Store # 3859)OH Nice people in tool rental dept. I love renting from them!
Streetsboro (Store # 3859)OH Nice people,clean store, and many many smiles in the store.I can get what I want all the time.
Strongsville (Store # 3817)OH Matt in doors/windows is a delight! Very honest and helpful!
Toledo (Store # 3848)OH N/A
Wadsworth (Store # 3882)OH Beautiful Store, tons of help, and everyone still says hello.
Wadsworth (Store # 3882)OH The management team is fantastic!! All employees are knowledgeable and helpful. Very clean store!
Wadsworth (Store # 3882)OH Great service. The team always puts the customer FIRST. Tries to make every customer happy.
West Cleveland (Store # 3820)OH Not a bunch of retards.nice people and nice managers.keep things clean!!
Westerville (Store # 3825)OH Aisles are always clean and organized. You can actually find stuff!!
Killeen (Store # 6526)OK I love chad dh of flooring he will go out of his way to help any customer.
Oklahoma City (Store # 3901)OK Proven fact that a store doesn't need a store manager around to be successful!!! 9/10/07
Oklahoma City OK OKC's Home Depot's are the best!
Tulsa (Store # 3904)OK This store is now under new management has made a complete turnaround. Great place to shop now.
Ajax,Ontario ON Always organized,helpful,on the ball staff,a/c is good,if anything,one of the best in GTA.
Ancaster (Store # 7007)ON Todd in lumber designed my deck and garage and saved me thousands of dollars
Aurora (Store # 7135)ON Helpfull people there , they always meet and greet and help out.
Barrhaven (Store # 7079)ON This Store is always neat and organized, everyone is treated with respect.
Barrhaven (Store # 7079)ON Great managment. store has a famaly enviroment. If only they were all like this!
Belleville (Store # 7133)ON Rental department is absolutly awesome. knowledgable people
BellevilleOntario ON Don't even know me, but will hold a sale item at C/S desk for my arrival. They are GREAT!
Eglinton East (Store 7107) ON Nice sized store with excellent customer service. Great staff
Guelph ON Rick in appliance department, GREAT DUDE !
Kingston (Store # 7081)ON Great store friendly mgmt,Kitchen associates are always willing to help.Keep up the good work!
Kingston (Store # 7081)ON Fantastic Service, No complaints!
Kingston (Store # 7081)ON N/A
Kitchener (Store # 7179)ON Although it's a smaller store, the hardwear manager really knows his stuff!! GREAT SERVICE !!
London (Store # 7237)ON Out of the 3 stores here in London. The East store by far is the best, staff wise. mngmnt needs help
Markham North (Store # 7262)ON Yong from Pro desk is the most knowledgeable, helpful associate I have EVER found at Home Depot.
Mississauga (Store # 7112)ON Very clean store. Great Customer Service. Ask for Sadik in Flooring, he is wonderful.
Mississauga (Mavis + Dundas) (Store # 7112)ON The only store where they know how to process a credit card payment AND a special services order.
Nepean (Store # 7026)ON Clean store with great staff, what a change!!!
Nepean (Store # 7026)ON This Home Depot is the best. The front end staff are the greatest!!
Oakville (Store # 7157)ON The staff are outstanding, very clean, well run and organized.
Oakville (Store # 7157)ON Best customer servie.Awesome associates.
Oakville (Store # 7157)ON We want Nick from night back
Oakville ON I can tell which of these comments are genuine. Burloak store\'s good but sometimes hard to get h
Orillia ON Store management has no resect for gays
Oshawa ON N/A
Ottawa (Store # 7079)ON ALWAYS CLEAN
Ottawa (Store # 7158)ON Excellent condition
Ottawa (Store # 7158)ON Installation services was extremely helpful...thanks to Keith and Jennifer!
Ottawa (Store # 7026)ON Store is always clean and well organized
Ottawa (Store # 7079)ON Garden center is well run. Hardware..nasty! Yard staff are great! Best store in Ottawa.
Peterborough (Store # 7116)ON Great people and cleanest store ive seen
Peterborough (Store # 7116)ON Tom in plumbing great knowledgeable associate, good example of great friendly customer service!
PICKERING (Store #7238) (Store # 7238)ON WoW! This is not a regular Home Depot! They call it a Project Store, I call it amazing. A must see!
Scarborough (Store # 7001)ON Cheri in installation dept very helpful and knowledgable she explain the installation process to me
Scarborough (Store # 7027)ON Best HOME DEPOT around.Great service from KENNY in seasonal dept.
Sudbury (Store # 7022)ON Most associates are helpful. store in general is a lot more cleaner than most hd's.
Sudbury ON Fran in installs is great,she made it a great experience
Thunder Bay ON Person that did my bathroom reno was excellent. very professional. thanks
Toronto (Store # 7013)ON HD saved my ass when they hired me!I would have lost my independence if I stayed with Hallmark
Toronto (Store # 7001)ON ED from hardware is the most knowledgeable, helpful associate I have EVER found at Home Depot.
Toronto (Store # 7012)ON Knowledgeable, honest, and hardworking people!
Toronto ON N/A
Toronto (Store # 7107)ON Matt asm great guy
Toronto (Store # 7078)ON Management sucks, no employees available to assist you.
Toronto (Store # 7013)ON N/A
Toronto (Store # 7134)ON Store is nice and clean. Great Management, a huge change from 2 years ago
Whitby ON Plumbing empl with spanish name? Always the best help. Very nice guy.
Whitby (Store # 7005)ON The associates working in the store great but overworked
Yorkdale (Store # 7129)ON Great Hardware Dept. Excellent packdown guy!!!
Beaverton (Store # 4018)OR Best experienced people i have ever met best prices too.
Hillsboro (Store # 4010)OR I love this store everytime I go in everyone is there and willing to help. THank you
Oregon City (Store # 4017)OR Knowledgable people, clean and organized, everything easy to find! Best cashiers EVER!
Portland (Store # 4007)OR Probably the cleanest in the gawdamned district. Manager is knida manic, but the ASM's are good.
Portland (Store # 4001)OR Everyone you can trust they know what they are talking about
Portland (Store # 4004)OR Management cares in this store. We do the PowerHour religiously.
The Dalles OR Wonderful, clean store to shop in. Every one is so friendly and willing to help!!
Troutdale (Store # 4014)OR Clean store and wide aisles, knowlegeable associates
Troutdale (Store # 4014)OR Everyone there is very friendly and knowledgable. They seem to have their teamwork down
Warrenton (Store # 4023)OR Don\'t go into Home Depot in Warrenton because mangment is not helpful at all! Like Anna in floori
Behtel Park (Store # 4176)PA Very clean store, inviting and fresh ideas on special signing and merchandise.
Bethel Park (Store # 4176)PA May be smallest in pittsburgh, but by far cleanest, best managers and asm's you can have anywhere
Bethlehem PA Fast check-out and employees seemed to know what they were doing.
Chippewa PA Helpful,tried to fix Cranberry store's mistake,but couldn't.Were more helpful than corporate.
Dickson City (Store # 4118)PA This store is always clean and the sales people are awesome as is the Store Manager. GREAT STORE!
Dickson City (Store # 4118)PA Excellent customer service & satisfaction
Dowingtown PA Kitchen Cabinet Dept./ Installers ripped us off for $6.000. And Kraftmaid personel SUCK.
Downingtown (Store # 4137)PA Flooring dept is awesome
Downingtown PA All i know is the garden employee Shannon,was really helpful, answered all my questions...
Downingtown (Store # 4137)PA Pro desk is excellent
Downingtown (Store # 4137)PA Customer satisfaction is my number 1 goal, i work in lumber dept. Ray
Folsom (Store # 4142)PA The ridley home depot rocks, great associates and management
Frazer PA The bald guy in the tool area was the only one who knew what he was talking about.
Greensburg (Store # 4126)PA Best delivery team of any store with best TNT driver.
HERMITAGE (Store # 4130)PA N/A
Hermitage (Store # 4130)PA Very satisfied shopping there. Always someone around to help.
Hilltown PA Very friendly people and a very clean store
Honesdale (Store # 6956)PA The best home depot ever!
Honesdale (Store # 6956)PA The best home depot ever!
Lancaster (Store # 4131)PA All managers are two-faced, double-crossing back stabbers.
Lancaster (Store # 4131)PA The only thing management cares less about then the associates is the customers
Lansdale (Store # 4104)PA Associates always willing to go the extra mile to help customers, this in spite of a skeleton staff~
Lebanon (Store # 4141)PA Store is always clean. if you have a problem, store manager will fix it. great store.
Lock Haven PA N/A
Montgomeryville (Store # 4104)PA Matt in tool rental knows the store and customer service better than anyone on east coast
Montgomeryville (Store # 4104)PA Maria in Kitchen Design is awesome
Montgomeryville PA N/A
Neshaminy (Store # 4134)PA The manager tony looks like general bulcholdar from hogans heroes lol
Norristown PA Joe has done a nice job despite the cerebal palsy
Oxford Valley (Store # 4102)PA Cool group of guys in the power tools area. Sometimes I go just to say hi if I'm in the area.
Phila (Store # 4112)PA N/A
Philadelphia (Store # 4112)PA Bill s. dsod is the sexiest beast alive. He loves black girls!!!!!!!!
Philadelphia (Store # none)PA N/A
Philadelphia (Store # 4150)PA The hardest female workers in hardware.mattie,linda
Pittsburgh PA N/A
Pittsburgh (Store # 4136)PA Employees are always very helpful
Pittsburgh (Store # 4160)PA Best store in pittsburgh! Bridgeville associates know what they are talking about!
Pottstown PA Andrew Cascino is to be commended for his knowledge and excellent customer care
Ridley PA I never wait in lines im in and out fast manager dave is great
Roosevelt Blvd. (Phila) (Store # 4112)PA Always in stock and many quality associates to give great answers
Stroudsburg (Store # 4127)PA All the head cashiers do is sit in the corner and watch the cashiers move the lines on their own.
Stroudsburg (Store # 4127)PA Linda the day manager sucks dick.
Tullytown (Store # 4163)PA Store has been open about 3 years...only thing in the shopping cent. Great people...neat and clean!
Warrington (Store # 4143)PA Clean store. Knowledgable, helpful associates.
Warrinton (Store # 4143)PA Great paint department, knowledgable people, good product (Behr Ultra)>
West Mifflin PA Associates and managers are helpful. Store is always clean and well stocked.
Westfall (Store # 4162)PA The operations in this store run perfectly because of Recieving and bookkeping.
Wilkes-Barre (Store # 4122)PA Nice clean store with lots of knowledgeable associates
Wilkes-Barre (Store # 4122)PA Elect dept top of their game.Always seem to have at least one person on that is/was an electrician
Wilkins Township (Store # 4116)PA Awesome team, more like a family. Ultra helpful. Considered the best store in the PA all around.
Willow Grove (Store # 4107)PA This store was the best. Figures, they moved it.
Willow Grove (Store # 4187)PA Most associates are freindly and helpfull , they have this British guy there , tall dark and mmmmm
Vaudreiul (Store # 7187)PQ Great help from joao the kitchen designer.. he is just a great designer with great ideas
Montreal (Store # 7149)QC Massimo of store 7149 is the best employee with alot of expirience olmost all m i h
Montreal QC N/A
Quebec (Store # 7163)QC Nice store ,people always happy to see you
Quebec QC District manager sucks!!!
Quebec (Store # 7162)QC District manager sucks!!!
Johnston (Store # 4286)RI Lumber section is great! always help when you need it, guys always willing to help
North Kingstown RI Store is very clean and associates are usually very nice.
Providence RI N/A
Smithfield (Store # 4282)RI Store associates are really friendly and helpful.Shopping at the Smithfield store is always fun.
Smithfield (Store # 4282)RI Customer service is fabulous at the Smithfield store!!Especially the appliance dept.
Smithfield (Store # 4282)RI The Smithfield R.I. store is great.People are nice, especially the lady in the appliance dept. Betty
Lancaster (Store # 8913)SC Theres a guy in the flooring department Name darryl that knows what hes doing
Lancaster (Store # 8913)SC I hateHD stores but had to get something there.Travis in elec was a huge help
Lancaster (Store # 8913)SC As a contractor, we found a very nice designer for our kitchen remodel customers. Where is she?
Lancaster (Store # 8913)SC Just got a .25 cent raise, but I sold over $70,300.00 in sales
Lancaster (Store # 8913)SC All the associates are knowledgeable and helpful! This is the best HD in the USA!!!
Lexingotn (Store # 1106)SC Wonderful new locations with great workers...I highly recommend this store
Lexington (Store # 1106)SC Just opened and is very nice clean and associates are very helpful...great cashiers
Murrells Inlet (Store # 1122)SC Beginning to really like this store!!!
Murrlels Inlet SC This is a great store!
Myrtle Beach (Store # 1116)SC N/A
Myrtlr Beach (Store # 1116)SC Great employees awsome management staff
N. Charleston (Store # 1103)SC Had the best store manager until loss prev and that punk of a dist mgr tim pardue railroaded him.
North Mytle Beach (Store # 1121)SC Very nice employees and service! Fast check-out!
Rock Hill (Store # 1114)SC The best hd i have ever been in. I talked to a manager named jason and he was very nice.
Seneca (Store # 1130)SC Always good help.Never a dull moment at the checkout.Lines are always moving swiftly
Spartanburg (Store # 1108)SC Great store. clean helpful people.
Regina (Store # 7245)SK N/A
Regina (Store # 7245)SK Gabe the designer was great. Cabinets from Fabritec is fantastic.
Regina North SK Some pretty knowledgable (and some just plain pretty & hot) employees.
Cibolo (Store # 6551)TC Good employees and great customer service. Awesome Cashiers.
Cleveland TN Employees very courteous and helpful. Store is always clean and service is great!
Collierville (Store # 0729)TN People know what they're talking about...best store in the Memphis area!
Collierville (Store # 0729)TN Best store in the greater Memphis area; workers are knowledgable and eager to build relationships.
Collierville (Store # 0729)TN I go to Home Depot a lot and am very pleased with the associates there.Rickey is very knowledgable.
Cordova (Store # 0704)TN Employees very helpful and knowledgeable, especially in outside garden department.
Hendersonville (Store # 0735)TN Overall, very helpful and knowedgable associates!
Hendersonville (Store # 0735)TN N/A
Hendersonville (Store # 0735)TN N/A
Hendersonville (Store # 0735)TN N/A
Hendesonville (Store # 0735)TN Have been halped by George and Robert several times, both are great assets to this location.
Kingsport (Store # 0702)TN N/A
Memphis (Store # 8916)TN Big things come in little packages
Morristown TN The store has the worst service ever. I think you all should check out lowes down the street.
Pulaski (Store # 0772)TN Store looks great and their is always someone their to help. Keep up the great work Pulaski.
Pulaski (Store # 0772)TN Great hourly employees! Management SUCKS! They don\'t seem to care one damn bit about the employee
Smyrna TN Teri, helped me with a four step project with my floor that would have taken me hours to figure out.
Arlington (Store # 0541)TX This store always has the best service and the cutest employees!
Austin (Store # 6553)TX Store used to be filthy, and now is the cleanest in all of Austin. Good service as well.
Austin (Store # 6839)TX The Expeditors that handeled my flooring install and kit install were the best.
Balch Springs (Store # 0555)TX Pro Desk is prompt and courteous, they make up for the CSM and Cashiers that suck.
Bastrop (Store # 6575)TX The electrical department is the best run in all of austin area stores
Bee Cave TX There is no such thing as a good Home Depot! They ruined our Christmas.
Boerne TX Great employees, very nice and friendly.
Brownsville (Store # 6521)TX Great employees... simply the best..
Bulverde (Store # 6989)TX This store is the BEST! EVERYONE is very helpful and friendly!
Burleson (Store # 8438)TX I'm a regular customer and feel like part of the family. This is the BEST HOME DEPOT, PERIOD!
Burleson (Store # 8438)TX Courtney is the best head cashier EVER!!!!! She's a fine ass bitch!!!!
Cedar Hill (Store # 0530)TX ONE WORD AWSOME
Clear Lake Shores (Store # 6560)TX It's employees were there though many lost homes in Ike, but showed up to help us build ours back.
Corpus Christi (Store # 0526)TX This is the best Home Depot in Corpus
Dallas (Store # 0564)TX The Service Desk at the front of the store know how to put customers first!
Dallas (Store # 0564)TX Hot guy ASM. Store cleaned up since last year.
Dallas (Store # 0589)TX This store is one of the cleanest of all the Home Depots I know.Stan in plumbing knows his stuff!
Dallas (Store # 0552)TX Best customer assistance sales man ernie always there to help
Dallas TX N/A
Dallas (Store # 0529)TX N/A
Dallas (Store # 0550)TX This store is a well oiled machine. if you want customer sat and enthusisum pls visit
Denton (Store # 6840)TX Good service desk employees
Denton TX N/A
Denton (Store # 6840)TX This store is the cleanest out there and I get the best help too.
Denton (Store # 6840)TX Best garden knowledge anywhere, Walter and John are pros.
El Paso (Store # 0522)TX This store is always on top of their game!
El Paso TX N/A
Euless (Store # 0537)TX Jennifer smith the head cashier has great fake tittys
Euless (Store # 0537)TX You suck for commenting on physical features. what if I said you had a great fake cock
Fort Worth (Store # 6814)TX Awesome store, freight associates take full store load when they arrive, great job guys!
Gainesville (Store # #519)TX N/A
Galveston (Store # 6574)TX Terrific service since hurricane ike
Georgetown (Store # 6538)TX Pretty terrific folks - associates & customers alike.
Granbury (Store # 6571)TX I used to work at this store then transferd,Big mistake granbury is so awsome managment is great
Granf Prairie (Store # 8517)TX Great customer service!!!!Keep up the good work!!!!
Houston (Store # 6501)TX This store has come along way in the last 6 or 7 months.
Houston (Store # 6506)TX Great management, great associates. Very friendly.
Houston (Store # o579)TX Service desk man named Jeff,it would figure that store would close shortly after he left.
Houston (Store # 6509)TX Associate marked down item when the one i wanted wasnt in stock
Houston (Store # 6806)TX The pro desk is the best around the ared fast and good services all other take forever to assist
Houston (Store # 0571)TX Had Cabinet issue Asked for SM Steve H he fixed it asap will shop at store as long as Steve is there
Huntsville (Store # 6578)TX Cashiers are friendly,Especially Amanda and Jennifer. Thank god someone in that store is competent.
Huntsville (Store # 6578)TX Always clean, people very helpful and friendly.
Huntsville (Store # 6578)TX Kristi of Appliances HD 6578 Huntsville has unbelieveable titties!!
Huntsville (Store # 6578)TX LOL! I cant believe this comment. Henry, bob, lisa is that you?
Irving (Store # 6557)TX Ask for the Trane rep if want great service nobody else seems to give a shit.
Irving (Store # 6557)TX Plumbing associate Allen was very helpful in helping me fix my faucet, others have just \"poin
Katy TX Clean store. Well kept. Friendly employees.
Kerrville (Store # 6576)TX Great customer service in this store, everytime they give great service!
Killeen (Store # 6526)TX Great running store. New manager shows with upbeat customer friendly workers
Killeen (Store # 6526)TX New Managers make this store awesome to visit! Everythings organized & everyone's friendly!
Killeen (Store # 6526)TX Thank God Jerry is back that other asm had to go. Good luck corpus, he's your problem now!
Lake Worth (Store # 6549)TX Some of the head cashier are great some need to stay off there cell phones tim rocks
Lewisville (Store # 0524)TX Store is immaculate and people are always helpful. Unlike the Denton Store #6840
Manfield (Store # 6568)TX This is an excellent store for customer serice. friendly, store.
Marble Falls (Store # 0514)TX I love looking at hardware. best selection of women anywhere
Marble Falls (Store # 0514)TX Great new mgnt. team,fun,knowledgable,asso. Customer satisfaction is #1!
Marble Falls (Store # 0514)TX Great new mgnt. team,fun,knowledgable,asso. Customer satisfaction is #1!
McKinney (Store # 6809)TX Great store - proud to work here. The people really care about each other
Mission (Store # 8519)TX Very helpful kitchen/bath associate. NOT JADE!!
MISSION (Store # 8519)TX Flooring at that st
Mission TX N/A
MISSION (Store # 8519)TX Flooring is the best around the people are awesome
Mt Pleasant (Store # 8540)TX Kitchen designer Dan could not give a kitchen away much less sell one poor department
N. Irving TX Valy Rnch would shop elsewhere w/o Mike in Gardn. Awesome knowledge;teaches;incredibly open;HONEST!
Pasadena (Store # 0565)TX Good store if u know who to gp to/dumba@# manager though
Pearland (Store # 6543)TX Got great service from Dennis and Karen in appliances. Solved my problem quickly.
Pearland (Store # 6543)TX Very good store!!! Usually very clean and the associates care, which is nice for a change.
Pearland SILVER LAKE (Store # 6567)TX The millworks department in this store is great !! found help and friendly customer service
Plano (Store # 0539)TX The lumber guys keep the department running like clock work!
Plano (Store # 6833)TX Hot girl in store Natasha.
Plano (Store # 0527)TX N/A
Porter TX James in receiving is awesome!!!
Rockwal (Store # 0531)TX Damn, the 2 guys in electrical... james and J.C. are hot
Rockwall (Store # 0531)TX James in the electrical department is awesome!!!!
Rockwall (Store # 0531)TX James and JC in electrical are AWESOME!!!!!!
Round Rock TX One off IH 35 in Round Rock totally Rocks! Had 6 employees ask me if I needed help while shopping.
Round Rock TX Lt Dan (store mgr) is a complete IDIOT. Rita is a complete BIOTCH as well.
San Angelo TX N/A
San Angelo (Store # 6807)TX Great and friendly people, decent looking store and nice cashiers
Silverlake (Store # 6567)TX Awsome store...WOW!!!!!!
Spring (Store # 0568)TX This home depot has the nicest and thnicestandmosthelpfulandknowledgableflooringpeople.
Spring (Store # 0568)TX Best Kitchen designers out of any HD I've ever been in.
The Colony (Store # 6562)TX Great service every dept. expecially the garden dept those guys are great and knowledgable
Waco (Store # 6532)TX Any time I have had an any issue at all the management takes care of it right away. Love this store.
Weatherford (Store # 6515)TX Great people always friendly , pro desk staff is very helpful and well trained
Webster TX Everyone is very helpful & pleasant. Clean store
Webster (Store # 0567)TX Associates are good, SM Jonathan Law is an idiot.
Weslaco (Store # 6577)TX HOMEDEPOT ROCKS!
American Fork UT The cashiers are hot! and the store is clean. The hardware guys are very helpful!!
Fort Union (Store # 4402)UT If one person doesnt know, they find you someone that does.fast friendly checkouts.
Layton (Store # 8583)UT They are so nice to me everytime I go in there and they always are willing to help.
LAYTON (Store # 8583)UT I love working at the home depot they have some of the best DH's that work there
Riverdale (Store # 4401)UT The specialty areas of the store hire people that actually know what they are doing!
Salt Lake City (Store # 4403)UT The 21st Home depot is the best hardware store around. They are nice and they rock. Will shop always
St George (Store # 4412)UT The guys in plumbing should be working on their own. Bruce and John really know their stuff.
Washington (Store # 4412)UT Older store, but they make a point to be friendly, offer to load, knowledgeable!
Washington (Store # 4412)UT N/A
West Jordan (Store # 4410)UT I had a bad experience turn good at this store, John in the door department you rock!
West Jordan (Store # 4410)UT TRC is the best in the area. Smart staff, and always willing to help. Keep up the good work!
West Valley City (Store # 4406)UT Abner knows the whole store. He is amazing. Always ask for him regardless of what you need.
WVC (Store # 4406)UT Clean store, helpful associates, hot girls at the registers.
Annandale (Store # 4640)VA Best Store in Fairfax County. Hardware associates are great!
Annandale VA N/A
Ashburn (Store # 4647)VA The Cashier Binta was very helpful and nice
Ashburn (Store # 4647)VA Binta Cashier was awesome. She helped by smiling sincere at the self checkout. Shes great!
Bristol VA I wanna knock the bottom out of the pussies of about three of their cashiers!
Chesapeake VA Love this Home Depot,very helpful, can\'t wait to start working here,seen a few hot guys so far!
Chesapeake VA Like this Home Depot alot,very cute guy was helping me fill out an application.Can\'t wait to star
Christiansburg (Store # 4634)VA Very kind clean. Will in kitchens actually has a degree in design!!
Christiansburg (Store # 4634)VA Paul in paint is great.
Dale City VA There is always someone around to help everyone is so friendly
Fairfax (Store # 4639)VA Maggie the expediter provides fantastic customer service. Clean store!
Fairfax Circle (Store # 4639)VA Manager Brant was helpful and fast at getting me what I needed.
Fairfax Circle (Store # 4639)VA Every time I go to this store each department I go into is extremely helpful at finding what I w
Falls Church VA Great service and dedication to customers!
Falls Church VA N/A
Gloucester (Store # 4650)VA Nice people. They treat you like friends and family. All around great customer service.
Hamptn (Store # 1413)VA N/A
Hampton (Store # 4612)VA Between 10am and 2pm, you have to check it out. orange helping everyone. it is great!!!!!!
Harrisonburg VA Reminds you of the walmart next door--maybe they are related: "ho-mart"
Lynchburg (Store # 4655)VA Store manager went out of his way to help me. even loadede my car. I see him out on the sales floor.
Manassas (Store # 4648)VA Great store.
Manassas (Store # 4648)VA Great service at this store!
Manassas VA East manassas hd is general okay, not as personable since kelly left
Merrifield (Store # 4605)VA Joshua in electrial is the best thing the store has going for it. He knows his trade.
Merrifield VA N/A
Merrifiled (Store # 4605)VA Guy in tools VOL is knowledgeable person and always friendly. Employee of the year!
Midlothian (Store # 4627)VA This store is great! Always clean and in stock. The Garden Dept head is great too, Erin.
Richmond (Store # 4611)VA Up,down, up, down.. Now they're UP! They actually have the same management for over a year!
Richmond (Store # 4611)VA Short Pump HD. No other store in this state has a better Garden Center.
Richmond (Store # 4611)VA Sooo clean and uncluttered management has been consistent there...nice
Richmond (Store # 4632)VA Store is one of the cleanest, most helpful stores I've ever been to! Wow!
Richmond (Store # 4611)VA Awesome management and totally helpful employees...
Richmond (Store # 4627)VA I was in the SW Richmond location yesterday, Wednesday. Vry Rude Head Cashier named Ashley !
Roanoke (Store # 4628)VA Always very helpful, store is clean, much better than the Lowe's across the street
South Riding (Store # 8551)VA Kris in Garden is the only guy in that place that knows anything.
Springfeild (Store # 4617)VA Eletrical people are very helpful.
Springfield (Store # 4617)VA N/A
Springfield (Store # 4617)VA Very organized store
Springfield (Store # 4617)VA Wow! the new man in Millwork is awesome! Carl I think his name is. He should rise extremely quick.
Springfield (Store # 4617)VA Most employees seem to care about customers :)
Stafford (Store # 4637)VA There is a dumb hick managing the store but he doesn't know anything about running a store
Virginia Beach (Store # 4626)VA The Lynnhaven Pkwy/Princess Anne Rd store is great.Everyone there goes above and beyond.
Warrenton (Store # 8552)VA The guy in deliveries is exquisite, with his knowledge and special customer service!!!!
Waynesboro (Store # 4654)VA Kat in plumbing was exceptional! She was there when no one else was! Thank You!
Waynesboro (Store # 4654)VA A welcome at the door and asked if the customer needs help/direction to a department.
Waynesboro (Store # 4654)VA Lots of employees working and willing to help with my projects
Waynesboro (Store # 4654)VA Tony & Gary in the window dept are always willing to help no matter what I\'m looking for.
Williamsburg (Store # 4635)VA Hardware rocked!!!
Fairfaa (Store # 4605)VG N/A
Fairfaa (Store # 4605)VG Na
Aberdeen (Store # 8964)WA You can usually find someone to help.
Aberdeen (Store # 8964)WA The Pro Desk always gets me what i need, Darrel there Knows what he is doing..thanks to you all
Bellingham (Store # 4715)WA Great customer service from a cashier named Mark. He must be new and hasn't been corrupted yet!
College Place (Store # 4735)WA Very nice people. Clean store. Quick service. Great stock.
Everett (Store # 4713)WA The store is clean and stocked. Friendly people, but like most Home Depot's not enough help
Federal Way (Store # 4703)WA No such thing as a good home Depot
Fircrest (Store # 4720)WA It seems like everyone really likes working at this store. Like they all get along. They are always
Kent (Store # 4722)WA Jeremy at the Kent store was great he really knows his stuff
Lacey (Store # 4742)WA N/A
Liberty Lake (Store # 4743)WA Great customer service always clean
Longview WA Customer service, associates and management have gotten much better since Lowe's came to town.
Marysville (Store # 4726)WA Great assosiates, very helpful
Marysville (Store # 4726)WA Great assosiates, very helpful
Marysville (Store # 4726)WA Great store in small community...Very friendly staff!!
Moses Lake (Store # 8966)WA All Employees are helpful and understanding!
Olympia (Store # 4742)WA I think the tool rental at this store is the best around.
Olympia (Store # 4708)WA Great Team work between Linda B. and Bruce at the Pro Sales.
Olympia (Store # 4708)WA Employees & Management very helpful. Store & restrooms clean. is always so friendly when I go in.
Omak WA N/A
Poulsbo (Store # 4741)WA Everyone is REALLY nice and helpful at this store. Especially Jenny. She\'s cute too!
Redmond (Store # 4723)WA That Chuck guy in plubming was pretty helpful, but Ryan in Decor is such a dreamboat.
Redmond (Store # 4723)WA Will M. is awesome!!!!!!!
Seattle WA N/A
Seattle (Store # 4706)WA This place is great.
Seattle (Store # 4706)WA This was the very best Home Depot I have ever shopped at.
Seattle (Store # 8944)WA The coworkers like each other. Registers outside of self check out always open.
Sequim (Store # 8998)WA Kept really clean, department associates who are actually knowledgeable, and people offer to load.
Silverdale WA Cashiers friendly and the lead head cashier, Zack, is awesome.
Spanaway WA This is a great store! Ben and Ryan are such hotties!
Spokane (Store # 4719)WA Clean, friendly, and Helpfull! A++ Newport hwy
Spokane (Store # 4719)WA A clean store,helpful people and a friendly smile who could ask for more!
Vancouver WA Best garden dept. i've ever seen, there is a guy named STEVE that really keeps it tight
Vancouver (Store # 4738)WA Clean, nice service
Vancouver (Store # 4738)WA This store as the best endcap displays ever, the merchandising is spot on always clean too
Appleton (Store # 4928)WI This store is always clean, organized, and has many knowledgable people.
Delafield (Store # 4910)WI Happy, friendly and helpful employees and a very clean store.
Delafield (Store # 4910)WI Friendly cashiers, knowledgable associates, and a happy atmosphere! Large store, very clean.
Franklin WI Franklin HD wsas great in getting my Kitchen installed thanks to Mark
Franklin WI Franklin HD wsas great in getting my Kitchen installed thanks to Mark
Green Bay (Store # 4915)WI This store is great,the employees actually know what they are talking about!
Green Bay (Store # 4915)WI Chillaxed yet helpful employees at least later in the evening when I shop there.
Hudson (Store # 4935)WI Awesome clean cusomer service was great
Janesville (Store # 4911)WI The people are great and the store manager is always on the floor helping people.
Lake Delton WI They donated to the evacuees of the flood ravaged areas of southern WI in the last weeks
Lake Geneva WI Had a great experiance all associates greated me including the store manager "Ray"
Mukwonago (Store # 4921)WI 2 mikes are great Garden mike plumbing mike ask 4 them
Mukwonago (Store # 4921)WI Best store around. Mike O in plumbing Mike in Garden Nate at Pro desk are great help
Mukwonago WI Best customer service at any HD I have ever been to.
Onalaska WI Helped by smiling sincere assoc. wanting to acknowledge my needs and be of high quality assist.
Bridgeport WV N/A
Bridgeport (Store # 8433)WV Hardware guy is excellent.
Charleston (Store # 4802)WV Mike, the manager in garden, and Bill is always very helpful! I love this store!
Hurricane (Store # 8429)WV Great people and service! Clean and new-looking store!!!
Parkersbirg (Store # 4803)WV Great service and friendly people (expecially in the kitchen dept)
Ranson (Store # 4805)WV Evan is great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ranson (Store # 4805)WV Ops. mgr Elva,the best there is thanks for all your help.You should be the store mgr.
Teavys Vally WV N/A
Vienna (Store # 4803)WV Great employees will bend over backwards to help you out
Sheridan (Store # 6004)WY Beautiful well lit, clean store. Most everyone in the store is very friendly.

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