The Home Depot Sucks

I'm looking for a 12" 1/2x3.8 supply line. There you go. Should be one around here somewhere.

1-800-JUNK? Oh no, that's a different business.

Self checkout. Massive line. Machines down. Employee actually told guy sitting on the scale to get up off of it. Then walked away and never reset the machine. You can do it. We won't help.

This pic was taken after hours, right? Wrong!

Great selection

Hangar cleanup on aisle 9. Oh we'll get to it in a few weeks. Bring your kids to Home Depot. It's totally safe. Really.

Let's see Durock at around $12 a sheet. 80 sheets plus or minus some? I guess the guy who did that just thought he'd leave it and maybe someone would need a 36x55" sheet. Don't worry, we'll just increase the price.

Easy access

We deliver. Haha! When?

Well organized business

Miracle Grow soil. $4.47 a bag or $2 a scoop.

No trip hazard here. Keep walking, keep walking.

Shingles? Sure, they're sold by the piece. How many pieces you need for your roof?

I love how they use the public areas as storage.