The Home Depot Sucks


Welcome to The Home Depot Sucks Website!

Clogged aisle
(store was open).
Why this website was started

I worked as a handyman for a living, and after making repeated trips to the Home Depot I've become so frustrated with the place that I just quit going. Unfortunately, my clients also shop and pic out products from THD and so therefore if I want the job, I need to head out there to pick up what they've picked out.
So why go through the trouble of starting a website?

It seems EVERYONE I talk to hates the place. I can't remember if I've ever heard anything positive from anyone. Everyone hates Home Depot, and they want to vent. I'm providing the outlet to do that.
Why don't you just get a life?

Yes, I've heard that one before. I've got a great life! Aside from the initial setup, the site runs itself. I give it a quick check once or twice a year and that's it!